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HELLO, my name is Daniel Doiron

  • Lives in Saint-Hubert, Québec, Canada
  • Speaks English and French
  • Holds events in Canada and United States of America
  • Works for Independent
  • Years as a Facilitator: 2

Short Bio

Hi. I am Daniel Doiron at . I think I have a pretty cool twitter handle @agileagonist. I also get good vibes from those who view my unique twitter profile image and my website.

My growing passion for the agile movement led me to read books extensively as well as attend several conferences around the world - Scrum Alliance, Lean Kanban University, PMI etc - first as a participant and now as an international speaker.

I like to target managers who have been left behind by the agile movement since the top 5 agile methods (Scrum, XP, FDD, Crystal, Dynamics) offer more than 50 roles to the various actors: yet not a single one for management! This is where I come in: I provide better management skills and tools.

Having been trained in the traditional CPA, MBA and PMI archetype, I bridge the necessary gap into the new Management 3.0 paradigm of thinking and acting.

I love systems. I love to measure improvement. I love teamwork that actually works.

I’ve also done my part of 'stealing and tweaking', on 2 fronts:

  • First by using Donald Reinertsen's work on information theory to baptise the Law of 50. Jurgen based his celebration grid on this specific work from Mr Reinertsen and really catapulted it to a whole other level! WOW.

  • Next, I created some pedagogical competition to the traditional PMI triangle of cost-schedule-budget by giving a name to another geometrical form: the Kanban Set Square illustrating the mathematical relationship between WIP, Lead Time and Throughput! It now integrates the previously nameless geometry of Little's Law that we always saw tightly coupled on cumulative flow diagrams with the formula but never separated from them – Not anymore! A good idea for T-Shirts if you ask me.

Special interests

I want to help managers embrace Management 3.0. by offering a ‘no more easy money’ guarantee to training. When you attend my classes, you will live and experience complexity. I love agile, and agree with Jurgen that the brilliant contributions of both Donald Reinertsen and David J Anderson are still too much under the radar. I will help you connect with this content within the Management 3.0 framework.

If you want to embrace continuous improvement, you’ll need slack and I will show you how to get more of it, starting with your next project.

Somebody’s gotta include a tiny bit of quantitative content in the agile world. Trust me, you will love it! This is how you will make a name for yourself, by having a scientific method to always deliver on your promises!

Agile development frameworks are all based on arbitraging your options by deferring commitments to the last responsible moment. Everything in Management 3.0 is about options that we, as managers, have. Doesn’t it make sense to combine them for an explosively powerful outcome?

Are you curious about the basics of real life options ? In my classes, I will share with you the extraordinary and often counter-intuitive, teachings of Chris Matts and Olaav Maassen with an entertaining collection of stories and exercises that will inspire you to greater heights and possibilities. You will enjoy seeing the entire Management 3.0 curriculum with special, intriguing twists along the way. Register now and embrace the future that is… Management 3.0.

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Daniel's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop