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HELLO, my name is Marc Florit

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Along the years i´ve been working from different positions and roles. Initially as a pure Doer. Network technician, Developer, Business analyst, etc. And then promoted to pure Thinker roles as Project manager, Account managers, Sales manager, etc. In all this path always was something wrong but i wasn´t wise enough to identify it properly.

In 2010 Lean and Agile come into my way and it completely changes my vision of the world. Shock by how these innovatives (for me) approaches were designed to solve each and everyone of the issues i was dealing and struggling with on a daily basis.

At that time i decided to break with my traditional path, resigning from my current job, to learn properly what these new approaches were meant to bring to people and organisations. After that intensive year i jumped into the freelance space becoming an Agile coach with the purpose of helping other to find their right path in the middle of a too complex and uncertain environment.

This has been my journey so far and nowadays my purpose in live is to prepare organisations to achieve True transformations.

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My relationship with Management 3.0 start in 2011 reading the amazing book from Jurgen Appelo. Amazing not so much for the new approaches but for the common sense in all and everyone of his proposals and ideas. I started using some of the tips and tecniques but i wanted more so, one year later in Barcelona I participated in one of the 2-days Management 3.0 workshops in the city.

4 years later i arrive to Australia and, realising the different approaches to Management and Leadership in the continent-island i decide to step up and formalise my relationship with Management 3.0 community becoming a Certified M3.0 Facilitator.

In all these years, in my journey helping teams and organisations to improve the way they work and the way they lead and succeed, all the Management 3.0 tecniques, activities and games have been a key element in my toolbox.

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  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop