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HELLO, my name is Rastislav Duriš

  • Lives in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Speaks English and Slovakian
  • Holds events in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Works for spoluHRame s.r.o.
  • Years as a Facilitator: 3
  • Number of events held: 21

Past Attendee Ratings

8.9 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 19 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.5 / 10.0 (Based on 4 evaluations)

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Short Bio

Rastislav is social and occupational psychologist and team facilitator practicing in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Currently he leads his own boutique consulting company – spoluHRame s.r.o. – that specializes in team development, business games, Agile and organizational development. He has partnered or worked with many renowned local as well as international consulting companies, such as Cornerstone OnDemand, AON Hewitt, Career Partners International, LeaderAmp, Hogan Assessments, Curphy Leadership Solutions, Management 3.0, Court of Moravia, Institute of Applied Psychology at UKF University in Nitra, mebrand, People Elements, ableneo, Edutrea and others.

Rastislav has regularly presented about teams, psychological assessment and organizational psychology at conferences as well as universities both in Slovakia and abroad. He has also been publishing on HR, psychology and organizational development topics in print as well as online media. He was selected as one of the trainers for the 2018 Trend Management Academy in Slovakia.

Between 2014 and 2017, he repeatedly invited to Slovakia and Czechia a leading American management psychologist, expert on teamwork and co-author of the best-selling leadership textbook in the US – Gordon Curphy, PhD. Since 2014 he has also served as ambassador and official partner of Curphy’s Rocket Model of teamwork in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He is also a certified facilitator of the Dutch agile team and organizational development approach – Management 3.0. On top of that, he works with several other innovative approaches such as Gamestorming, Liberating Structures, Lean Change Management, BetaCodex Network or Toyota Flow System.

He believes in the basic principle of Japanese philosophy – kaizen – and ethical, decentralized and team-oriented leadership practices. He likes reading, travelling, yoga, nature, gastronomy, board games and first-rate customer service, which is based on his experience still an exception in Slovakia.

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Rastislav's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop