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HELLO, my name is Yumiko Shuto

  • Lives in Tokyo, Japan
  • Number of events held: 4

Past Attendee Ratings

8.6 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 17 evaluations)

Short Bio

Talent, learning and organizational development manager for multinational IT technology company, based in Tokyo. Yoggi. Cooking Foodie. Music Freak. 19 years Human Resource experience in IT,  healthcare and food & beverage industries.

In Management 3.0 program, very exciting about supporting organizations and people to drive agile transformation, develop enablers of change, and bring initiatives to increase their work-life happiness ! 


  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • Hogan Assessment Certified Practitioner (Personality Assessments, 360 Degree Feedback)
  • Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner  (Personality Assessments)

Yumiko's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance