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HELLO, my name is Anton Zotin

  • Lives in Berlin, Germany
  • Speaks English and Russian
  • Holds events in Germany and Russia
  • Years as a Facilitator: 3
  • Number of events held: 36

Past Attendee Ratings

9.5 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 148 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.7 / 10.0 (Based on 82 evaluations)
9.2 / 10.0 Private events (Based on 20 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.0 / 10.0 (Based on 13 evaluations)

Short Bio

I’m a trainer, speaker, mentor and change agent since 2010.

I started my career in the IT industry in 2002. I have worked in a wide variety of companies holding a wide variety of positions: from garage startups to “bloody” enterprises; from a manual QA to a C-level position. I did my first Scrum transformation in 2004.

I was born in snowy Siberia, but now I live in Berlin and work all over the world. This situation gives me a unique opportunity to absorb different cultural aspects not only on professional but on a personal level as well.

I was honored to work with such companies as Boeing, Deutsche Bank, FlixBus, HERE, Nokia, PepsiCo, etc.

I believe you should never stop your personal growth, so I am continually learning from a wide variety of world level experts in the field which is proven by various certifications - Scrum Alliance, Scrum,org, LeanKanban University, ICAgile, The LeSS Company B.V., Erickson Coaching International, CRR Global, etc.

I love what I do, and the reason is simple: my passion is to make software development less painful, more efficient and in this way to make people a little bit more happy.

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Anton's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop