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HELLO, my name is Seungbin Cho

  • Lives in Seoul, South Korea
  • Speaks Korean
  • Holds events in South Korea
  • Works for Congruent Agile
  • Years as a Facilitator: 5
  • Number of events held: 24

Past Attendee Ratings

9.1 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 196 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.6 / 10.0 (Based on 20 evaluations)
9.1 / 10.0 Private events (Based on 111 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.2 / 10.0 (Based on 11 evaluations)

Past Attendee Feedback

Short Bio

Seungbin is one of the first two Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitators in South Korea. And besides, he is a Management 3.0 co-owner who love it. He also translated many books into Korean, including Jurgen Appelo's 'Management 3.0' and 'How to Change the World.'

Seungbin is an agile coach, and have a blog called "Self, Other, and Context."

He has wished to make a lot of company more agile in Korea using Management 3.0 and other agile approaches.

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Seungbin's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop