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HELLO, my name is Dhurka Natchiyar Chinnaiyan

  • Lives in India
  • Speaks English
  • Holds events in India

Short Bio

I am an avid agile practitioner, Management 3.0 & Design thinking facilitator, Personal Excellence Coach, 'Organization Culture' Strategist

I am passionate about coaching organizations and aspiring leaders to
* Build adaptive culture, that prioritizes customer and employee happiness
* Achieve positive change in behavior for themselves and their people

My thirst for continuous learning and driving initiatives led me and continue to lead me through a wide variety of cross functional roles starting from being NLP Research Engineer, Integration Architect, Technical Product Management, Software & API Licensing Architect, R&D Team Leadership to Coaching and Mentoring aspiring leaders.

I was fortunate to have started my career with agile spirited teams and leadership, which shaped up my work and life with core agile principles. Having experienced the benefits of agile & the challenges to scale it across the organization & with distributed teams, I started out, with like minded friends, to foster and spread agile values by building community of Agile Enthusiasts.

This led to starting our training and consulting company AgileCanvass. Our goal is to help organizations build an adaptive culture and ways of working which will adapt and flourish itself for future challenges.

Every year, with the support of many wonderful agile enthusiasts, we organize the AgileCanvass conference, which is the most sort out agile event in Chennai, India.

Special interests

My love for building learning communities led me to organize

# Agile Community of Practice in Chennai and Bangalore, who gather periodically to share and learn from each other's experience
# Book Reader club for kids, its wonderful to see kids reading and sharing stories in 5 different languages
# Book Reader club for professional, closed group of like minded professionals
# Elderly tech learning community - Encouraging computer & smart phone usage for senior members of our residential complex (our inquisitive learner is just 70 years old :))

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Dhurka Natchiyar's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop