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HELLO, my name is KeunChang Song

  • Lives in South Korea
  • Speaks English and Korean
  • Holds events in South Korea
  • Works for @sol2man2

Short Bio

KeunChang SONG works as an Agile and Lean Coach in Korea. He is consulting, mentoring and coaching Open Leadership, Open Culture and Open Organization. He had a lot of experience of Scrum and Kanban in LG Electronics which has several biz. domains and RedHat as Agile Engagement Lead. He was born in Seoul and is still there and built software development methodologies which are CMMi, ASPICE up to Agile/Lean.

SONG is interested in hybrid approach of Agile, Lean, ASPICE and CMMi which are growing in B2B and B2C with Products and Services. His interests is expanding and reaching out to large scale Agile and Lean in Enterprise level.

SONG loves learning and inspiring about everything new.

KeunChang's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop