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HELLO, my name is Nadine Soyez

  • Lives in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
  • Speaks English, German and French
  • Holds events in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark
  • Works for Virtual Team Heroes
  • Years as a Facilitator: 1
  • Number of events held: 1

Short Bio

Nadine's passion and mission are to help companies, leaders, teams to succeed in the digital work environment by redefining collaboration and leadership.

She works with companies, leaders, and teams and supports them to embrace new ways of collaboration, digital and agile leadership, and distributed teams, and to overcome the challenges of digital working together.

She has been a Management Consultant since 2005 with many years of experience as a senior project manager and as a senior consultant in international distributed teams and projects in well-known management and IT consultancies and in groups.

With a business-driven and technical background, she focuses on creating value by leveraging digital collaboration and by implementing a productive digital work environment.

Nadine has all the necessary skills to understand the complex challenges in companies „holistically“: from technology, mapping business processes, organisational development, and leadership skills and change. Her strength is to quickly identify critical key business problems in different business areas and show new opportunities to build strong operations. She is able to find targeted and practical solutions for the respective individual business requirements, and develop a roadmap for implementation.

She speaks German, English and French.

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Nadine 's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Practice