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HELLO, my name is Christoph Dibbern

  • Lives in Oldenburg, Germany
  • Speaks English and German
  • Holds events in Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Switzerland, Austria, India and South Africa
  • Years as a Facilitator: 2
  • Number of events held: 16

Past Attendee Ratings

9.3 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 46 evaluations)
Last 12 months: 9.2 / 10.0 (Based on 28 evaluations)

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Short Bio

Hi, I am Christoph, a lifelong learner, passionate about business agility and its effects on workplaces and business altogether. I value integrity, and tolerance and strive for nothing less than greatness. This is my approach to facilitating trainings & workshops, too, making them better every time, with a big emphasis on interactivity, structure, and flexibility to accommodate the needs of the group to maximize learning and deepen the impact.

I live with integrity, think customer-oriented, ignite passion, take accountability, promote innovation, and achieve greatness and tolerance.

Besides being a Management 3.0 Agile Leadership Facilitator, I am among others also a Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) and Professional Product Owner III (PSPO III). I help your organization to evolve and improve with my experience of more than 10 years in organizational development.

Management 3.0 trailer with me

Studies show that the fear of loss of community and connection to colleagues is one of the top concerns of employees regarding remote work.

One of my remote workshop experience examples:

I am a University Lecturer for the Master's study program IT Management and Consulting at the University of Hamburg and speak regularly at international conferences. If you're looking for a skilled and passionate professional facilitator who can help you transform your business, then I might be the right one for you. Let's have a common Management 3.0 workshop and make common further steps to achieve your goals and make your organization thrive in today's fast-paced world.

May I help you to make the impact you want?

Do not hesitate to contact me via my free conversation possibilities, if you have any questions.

My blog articles about Management 3.0 practices:

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Christoph's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certified Agile Leadership Facilitator
  • Certificate of Practice
  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agility in HR Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile Change Leadership Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile Co-creation Leadership Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile People Leadership Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile Team Leadership Workshop