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HELLO, my name is Marc Nieman

  • Lives in Netherlands
  • Speaks English and Dutch
  • Holds events in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Short Bio

I truly believe that a new culture of leadership is needed in todays world.

"Management is too important to leave to managers!"

Organisations large and small, profit and non profit, teams and people are working and interacting in an environment which is like never before.

This means that the way we "manage" and "lead" needs to change; what got us here, won't be good enough to move forward.

As facilitator I support organisations, teams and people in creating and strengthening a culture based on trust, transparency and responsibility.

Since no situation or team / organisation is the same I provide trainings based on your specific needs, challenges and aspiration; leveraging the unique set of principles and practices that Management3.0 offers.

When not supporting a new culture of work and leadership I enjoy watching football, cooking on the bbq, travelling, reading and watching movies.

Marc's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop