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HELLO, my name is Vincent Chang

  • Lives in China
  • Speaks English
  • Holds events in China and Singapore

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Short Bio

A Senior Banking Operations, Agile and Project Leader with 18+ years’ experience at local and international banks covering APAC and Global.

The Banking and Finance Industry has always appealed to me and this coupled with a desire to keep up to date with latest trends and developments has driven me to adopt a continuous improvement mindset that I strive to cultivate for my teams.

Beginning my career on the frontline and working my way up to senior management, I have a truly holistic view, where I can approach challenges with empathy and lead by example.

I now take my extensive, practical knowledge of banking operations, agile and project management, supported by theoretical knowledge and apply it cross-functionally to both onsite and remote teams to deliver high value, high impact projects covering multiple jurisdictions.

I specialize in driving organizational change and transformation by deploying latest techniques and methodologies.

Key Achievements and Milestones:

- Successfully delivered 150+ projects with combined SGD1Billion value at different institutions, with direct accountability for SGD9.7Billion global remittance project.

- Decreased cost of operations by 30% following introduction of system automation to improve quality and efficiency.

- Demonstrated capacity to lead from the front on three occasions with three separate organizations including a flood, a power outage and a major food poisoning incident that received media coverage, all delivering uninterrupted service.

- Successfully transformed 2 organizations from traditional to hybrid to Agile, mentoring and training teams in Agile Principles and Approaches resulting in delivering high value products to banks.

- Recognized by The Association of Banks Singapore (ABS) and SPRING Singapore at Silver, Gold and Star levels for Best in Class Customer Service and achieved 100% YOY Operations Audit ratings.

- Enabled 100% minimum viable product (MVP) delivery according to product roadmap based on realistic and timely 4-week sprint plans and estimates in 1 year via effective sprint goal negotiations with team resulting in defects reduction from 24 to 4 by product lifecycle end and SGD125K cost savings from claims by meeting service level agreements.

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