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HELLO, my name is Aykut Akalin

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9.4 / 10.0 Public events (Based on 21 evaluations)
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Short Bio

Focusing on the agile transformation of organizations and the leadership development of its employees, I offer tailor made agile transformation and change management services, trainings and leadership development programs with my company Okyanus Donusum (Okyanus Transformation Consultancy). I emphasize agile mindset and practical approaches to the ways of working. What stands out about me while doing all this is my coaching approach.

  • 20th year of my career
  • 5 years of design, production, international technical sales and export experience
  • 15 years of experience in Ford Otosan and Koç Group, 12 years as a product development leader
  • 2.5 years as Product Development Manager in the UK
  • Mentoring since 2015, leadership coaching since 2019
  • I have been doing Agile Coaching and Agile Transformation Leadership since 2020

  • Was the Transformation Leader in Engineering & Technology Development and Growth & Smart Mobility business areas at Ford Otosan (2000+ people)
  • Led cultural, organizational and way of working transformation in these areas
  • Trained, coached and conducted team health and agile maturity checks for more than 70 teams
  • Trained more than 100 Product Owners and Scrum Masters with empowerment programs in 7 different classes
  • Prepared and delivered Chapter Leader, Lean Agile Leader development programs
  • Facilitated and presented in multiple major events.
  • I am part of the Agile Turkey community which is organizing a major summit in Turkey with 1000+ attendees.

My values include freedom, honesty, transparency, sincerity and, perhaps most importantly, goodwill. Life sometimes may not be a simple equation as we think; what we do may not produce the results we want to achieve... But and only if we make a sincere effort with goodwill, If we can be honest and transparent, then we can help the institutions and people we serve in the best ways we can.

I love playing drums (both rock drums and Turkish Classical Music), reading spirituality, poetry and fantasy books (a big Wheel of Times fan).

I also love comic books (Joe Sacco, R. Crumb and others) and summer vacations at the aegean cost :)

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Aykut's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile Change Leadership Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile People Leadership Workshop
  • Certificate of Attendance Agile Team Leadership Workshop