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HELLO, my name is Mateusz Komander

  • Lives in Tarnowskie Góry, Silesian District, Poland
  • Speaks English and Polish
  • Holds events in Poland

Short Bio

Hi, I'm Mateusz (Matty). For over five years, I've had the privilege of working as a Scrum Master, navigating the complexities of project management and team dynamics. Beyond these roles, my career has been marked by a significant period where I embraced the challenges of risk management and consultancy. During this time, I served not only as a Risk Manager and Consultant but also as an Insurance Broker, offering my expertise to a diverse range of companies, and a leader for teams of Insurance Brokers and Consultants.

Nevertheless, focusing on my recent career as a Scrum Master, I would love to let you know that my adventure began in the bustling corridors of ING Bank and Craftware, which led me to a significant role at ROCHE and later Ryanair Labs Ltd. Most recently, I'm supporting Heineken in their transformation challenge.

These experiences have not just been about jobs; they've been about learning, adapting, and driving growth and innovation.

At ING Bank, I was involved in developing a pioneering solution that revolutionized the company registration process through the banking interface. This was more than a project; it was an opportunity to significantly impact the ease of doing business for countless entrepreneurs.

My time at Craftware holds a special place in my heart, as I collaborated closely with Hoffmann-La Roche A.G. There, I was entrusted with leading the development of a sophisticated project management tool, managing a vast portfolio of over 400 projects. The system we developed was integral in supporting critical clinical data analysis, with the potential to impact lives worldwide. This experience not only challenged my skills but also emphasized the profound influence our work has on global healthcare.

Joining Ryanair Labs Ltd. allowed me to dive deep into the aviation industry, where I led a team in the development of an airline management system. This system was crucial in optimizing scheduling, crew control, and operational planning, directly impacting the efficiency of the airline's operations.

Now, at Heineken, I'm steering agile operations for two streams managing products focused on sustainability, financial clarity, and operational efficiency. It's thrilling to be at the forefront of initiatives that not only enhance business processes but also contribute positively to the environment.

My journey has been one of continuous learning. It allowed me to experience not only SCRUM or KANBAN but also various scalable frameworks and environments like NEXUS, SAFe, or LeSS.

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Mateusz's Management 3.0 Qualifications

  • Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop