Facilitator License Agreement

You can download the full license agreement in different languages.

We translated the license agreement into the most common languages for you to read.

For a quick view we summarized the most important expectations.

  • The maximum number of participants is 20 (not 21, not 26, not 80)
  • A standard workshop has to be promoted by using the default name, e.g. Foundation Workshop, Agile Change Leadership Workshop etc. – you may use a descriptive element though. For example “Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop: Practices for Modern Managers”
  • A workshop always needs to cover at least the minimum hours given by Management 3.0 and the learning experiences which we we have for each module and each of our standard workshops
  • You can extend a workshop by a maximum of 25% of the default duration. As an example: a Foundation Workshop, which has a minimum duration of 16 hours, can be extended up to 4 hours, e.g. if you want to add more content
  • You can record Management 3.0 materials and let participants watch these recordings in between sessions in order to enhance your workshops. This can only be ON TOP of the minimum duration of a workshop and cannot replace any live sessions. However these recordings have to be added as additional hours in Workshop Butler. So if you schedule a Foundation Workshop, 16 hours have to be live in workshop sessions, but you can schedule up to 4 hours more to show recorded Management 3.0 materials
  • You can use the recorded Management 3.0 materials for free webinars to a maximum of 1 hour
  • In “Other type” workshops you are allowed to use recorded materials for up to 25% of the workshop time. The full time has to be scheduled in Workshop Butler
  • You cannot build an e-learning course or online learning environment with the recorded Management 3.0 materials