Management 3.0 Practitioners

Those who picked from our toolkit and put employee engagement into action

Meet the Management 3.0 Practitioners. They have experimented with seven or more practices with the team, and they have shared these experiences with the community, broadcasting what they’ve learned.

Andrii Malin
Andy Cleff
Annelies De Meyere
Britta Ollrogge
Catherine Hill
Christoph Moser
Ezequiel Kahan
Javier Garzás
Jean-Baptiste Cardouat
Joan Diaz Capell
Jurgen Appelo
Loïc Leofold
Manfred van Veghel
Marko van Gaans
Monika Wojtasinska-Felicio
Nagesh Sharma
Nicolas Scheel
Olivier Le Lan
Philippe Bourgau
Ralph van Roosmalen
Romain Olives
Sarah Rose
Sébastien Delayre
Semen Cirit
Stephane Cauchy
Tadeu Marinho

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