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Management 3.0 facilitators, practitioners, and enthusiasts are often invited to speak at events and to share their experiences applying our Toolkit for Modern Management. We encourage them to also share their community meetings and conferences on our events page.

Regular Local Management 3.0 Community Meetups

Happily Working together


Management 3.0 Stammtisch Frankfurt 

Management 3.0 Stammtisch München organized by Jürgen Dittmar

Management 3.0 Stammtisch Nürnberg organized by Jürgen Mohr

Management 3.0 Stammtisch Stuttgart organized by Dominik Maximi


Management 3.0 Meetup Warsaw organized by Marcin Ziółek and Jerzy Stawicki

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Madrid Management 3.0 – Peopleware – Agile Management organized by Javier Garzas


Management 3.0 Luxembourg Meetup organized by Sylvain Chery

The Netherlands

Management 3.0 Meetup The Netherlands organized by Theo Geelen


Regular meetups organized by Stefan Nüsperling


Management 3.0 Meetup Singapore organized by Isman Tanuri


Management 3.0 Bangladesh organized by Tawfiq Mohammad Abdus Sattar

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Hear Management 3.0 Facilitators speak

Nothing scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Reach out to our Facilitators if you want them to speak at your conference.

Meanwhile watch Ralph van Roosmalen speaking about the team behind Management 3.0 at Agile Prague:

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