Management 3.0 Practice: Corporate Huddles

Business Guilds & Corporate Huddles: How Tribal Culture Can Increase Team Collaboration

“Many organizations need to harmonize practices, procedures, and tools across teams and departments. They also need people to share knowledge and develop their craft by communicating across traditional organizational boundaries. This is the purpose and role of guilds and huddles.”

And thus we reach the middle of management guru Jurgen Appelo’s Managing for Happiness. Professional guilds were the first social networks, hundreds if not thousands of years ago. It was the moment to bond with fellow workers and to pass the craft down to future generations. Guilds also created the social norms for these workers.

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This idea is adapted to modern day through creating “Communities of Practice” which are organized around roles, tech, interests, anything, really. It’s all about groups of people that share knowledge and identity. Like in medieval times, still today these can be rather political endeavors. That’s why we’ve created Corporate Huddles for all-hands-on-deck meetings that “allow for quick horizontal decision making among peers.”

The next level is forming a Tribe, which enables certain levels of self-governance.

This chapter outlines ways you as management can enable guilds, huddles, and tribes for better team collaboration and unity.

“Want to know what the next stage of management may look like? Do yourself a favor and take a look at Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo. Chock full of management nuggets as well as exercises and activities. Management 3.0 provides insights into how to engage the next generation workforces.” –  JOHN BALDONI, author of MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership and chair at N2Growth

Management 3.0 in Action: Corporate Huddles tips and case stories:

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