All-hands meetings allowing for quick, horizontal decision making

Corporate Huddles

For some purposes, starting a business guild might sound like too much effort with too little benefit. Sometimes you just need to make a quick decision as a group, or you merely want a brief update on the latest news and gossip within your community of creative workers. That’s where the corporate huddle comes in.

Corporate Huddle (Icon)

Corporate huddles are all-hands meetings that allow for quick, horizontal decision making among peers. They differ from traditional all-hands meetings in the sense that they are about peers informing each other and making decisions with each other, not managers informing non-managers about decisions that were already made without them.

Basically, you have a huddle when you get most members of a group in the same room and invite everyone to contribute to a central discussion. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is to make these huddles work and to have people say, “that was good! We should do this more often.”

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