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Employee engagement is one of the main topics for organizations this decade. Managers and leaders worldwide ask for tools and techniques in order to increase employee engagement. At Management 3.0 we speak a lot about employee engagement and motivation and we have quite a few tools for you to try, including employee engagement activities such as:

Moving Motivators

Moving Motivators is a game you can play in order to learn more about employee motivation. When playing with your team or during a one-on-one session, you as a manager will figure what motivates your teammates.

The Management 3.0 Moving Motivators game consists of ten cards reflecting the ten motivators of the CHAMPFROGS model. They include: Curiosity, Honor, Acceptance, Mastery, Power, Freedom, Relatedness, Order, Goal and Status. First let your team define what the different motivators mean to them. They can then sort those motivators from least to most important. Moving Motivators is the perfect reflection tool and a great technique to get better insights into what drives your colleagues.

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Motivational Techniques used in Organizations: Spread Kudo Cards

The Management 3.0 Kudo Cards focus on the intrinsic motivators for all team members in any organization. They work like appreciation cards and are a written and public recognition of a colleague. Hierarchies don’t play a role when using this tool for employee engagement. If it’s your boss, your teammate or a person you rarely know, you can say thanks, great job, well done or tell them how you are of their accomplishments.

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Monitoring Employee Engagement: The Happiness Door

If you are searching for an easy and fast technique to monitor employee engagement you should try the Management 3.0 Happiness Door. The Happiness Door is a feedback wall and a happiness index in one. The purpose of this monitoring tool is to generate written feedback and ratings.

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A Tool to Increase Employee Engagement: Merit Money

Money is a tough topic when it comes to employee motivation and engagement. As it stands, most compensation systems are considered unfair. Traditional bonus systems, which are performance-oriented don’t work as a great tool to increase employee engagement. That’s where Merit Money with its peer recognition approach comes in.

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Management 3.0’s tools are all designed with one thing in mind: Increasing employee engagement in order to enhance productivity and fulfilment at work, while focusing on empowering the system instead of managing the people. Learn how to play at a workshop near you:

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