Management 3.0 Practices: Improvement Dialogues

Improvement Dialogues & CoPilot Programs: How to go from simple coaching to cross-functional change management

“Personal coaching, one-on-ones, and pair working are three examples of people helping employees and colleagues learn how to do better work. By using inquisitive statements instead of traditional coaching questions, you can catalyze a person’s performance using principles taken from Appreciative Inquiry, Powerful Questions, and Improvisational Theater.”

You can compare teams to molecules, where connectivity and diversity are increased in a network of interacting parts that can support each other.

pair working colorThis chapter dives right into how to encourage employee engagement and team collaboration through personal coaching, one-on-ones, or the pairing of peers. Then, once we identify how to catalyze each person’s performance, we need to find the right approach to do it with. Managing for Happiness recommends a blend of Appreciative Inquiry, Powerful Questions, Improvisational Theater, Focus Areas, and Inquisitive Statements. This chapter is jam-packed with very detailed ways to coach and work together, including 40 each Personal Statements, Relational Statements, Organizational Statements, and Environmental Statements.

“Employees can play the role of a catalyst for others, helping them to do better work and enhance their performance.”

“Steering a software factory team of 400 people, I’m confronted every day with the challenge to unleash the best out of our people and our teams in order for happy customers to receive high quality software every two weeks. This book provides our teams with insights, tools, stories, games… to keep our people doing the right thing right, with passion.” – JOHAN LYBAERT, director of applications at Cegeka


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