Delivery Times

At this time, our website only supports standard shipping. Our estimates for delivery times are:

  • 2-5 working days for The Netherlands and Belgium
  • 5-15 working days for Western Europe
  • 8-16 working days for Eastern Europe
  • 14-21 working days for rest of the world

Please note that these are estimates. In our experience, ten percent of shipments experience problems, such as hold-ups at customs, lost or damaged packages, incorrect addresses, receivers not available, or missing notifications. Such issues are beyond our scope of control which means we cannot guarantee a certain delivery date.

At this time we are unable to handle priority shipments. All orders are shipped using standard shipping.

Providing the following information assures orders and shipments go smoothly:

  • shipping address
  • invoicing address
  • VAT number (for EU countries)

Any other questions about deliveries please direct to

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