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Work Profiles & Project Credits

Management 3.0 Practices: Work Profiles

Many creative networkers have experienced problems with traditional job titles and career ladders. But names are necessary for communication and a sense of progress makes people happy. By publishing work profiles and project credits instead of focusing on official titles and office politics, people pay attention to actual services offered and reputation earned.

corporate-ladderThe Work Profiles chapter is only available as a free download when people sign up to the newsletter. This chapter addresses society’s movement in the direction of temporary reputation-based relationships. “Instead of a human ‘resource,’ the organization should see its relationship with an employee as a valuable partnership that ends when it no longer generates value for its brand.”

In this chapter, you will learn the effect of job titles on our own perception of our job and our influence and how it can influence others. You’ll also learn the precariousness of corporate ladders, how to build a personal brand, and how project roles add freedom and more accurate definitions.

This is the trust-only environment that the Management 3.0 team works under. Practicing what we preach, we define our own job titles; have no hierarchy but rather a democracy where we measure each others’ experience and contribution; and focus on project-based work with OKRs (objectives and key results.) Each of us is free to go whenever, loving the trust and freedom of this immense team collaboration!

“If management is too important to leave it to managers only, then the agile management practices described by Jurgen Appelo in this book are way too valuable to apply them only to IT environment. Motivated, nimble and versatile teams are a pillar of success in today’s world of financial services. You will find out how to build them from this book!” – TOMASZ SITKOWSKI, acting CRO, myBank CZ

>> Keep on reading for the all-important Metrics Ecosystem!

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