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Management 3.0 E-Learning Online Classes

Each Bitesize course covers the principles of a Management 3.0 module, each focusing on a specific management challenge. We have created these Bitesize e-learning management classes so you can access them whenever you need to, from wherever you are, on whatever device you prefer.

What is the Management 3.0 Academy?

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This is an e-learning platform with managers and team leaders in mind. Each Bitesize module covers one of the Management 3.0 topics and includes an overview of the management concept, a tool that you can implement with your team straight away and further reading.

Each e-learning Management 3.0 Module has:

  • An overview of topic
  • An actionable Management 3.0 Practice that you can use with your team right away
  • Examples of this practice in action with case stories
  • Reflection Exercises

How does the Management 3.0 E-Learning work?

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  1. Go to academy.management30.com.
  2. Pick the challenge you are facing.
  3. Purchase the Bitesize module you require.
  4. Watch and read.
  5. Bring it back to your team and start experimenting!

Who should take this e-learning management course?

Anyone who wants to increase employee engagement and be an empowered change agent. These Bitesize courses are built for different kinds of learning:

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  1. Just-in-time learning: Do you have a specific challenge with your team? You don’t have to wade through material that’s irrelevant or theoretical. You can pick whichever module is most relevant to you and your team right now.
  2. Just-in-case learning: You can take one or all of these e-learning management classes, to learn as you go, on the go.
  3. An agile refresher: You’ve already taken a Management 3.0 workshop and you want a refresher, or if you are considering attending an event, but want to just have a taste first.
  4. Become a Management 3.0 facilitator: You can also use this learning and exercises toward a Certificate of Practice, which then enables you to become a Management 3.0 facilitator.
  5. Gain management experience: Not a manager yet? Take these e-learning courses to gain insight experience!

Want a peek before you purchase? Head over to the Management 3.0 Academy, click on the course that most interests you and have a taste of our material by clicking on PREVIEW.

Management 3.0 Bitesize courses are no-theory, all practice.

We know you are busy and we know you have real challenges that need help right away. This is not a theoretical course. These are “bitesized”, consumable, practical and actionable courses that will give you tips and exercises to use right away.

We currently offer the following modules:

E-learning Management Class #1: Delegation and Empowerment

“Delegation is not easy. Managers often fear a loss of control when considering to allow teams to self-organize, and creative networkers sometimes don’t know how to self-organize. A delegation board enables management to clarify delegation and to foster empowerment for both management and workers.” This is how Jurgen Appelo kicks off this module.

Maybe you have a lot of missed deadlines, team members keep asking for permission for everything, work isn’t getting done, or maybe you’re the only one making decisions. We offer tips following along the Seven Levels of Delegation, and then offering you the takeaway practice of the Delegation Board and management game Delegation Poker

E-learning Management Class #2: Success and Failure

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“The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else.” This quote from Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup is the inspiration behind Jurgen Appelo’s second e-learning content module.

Are you unsure of how to innovate? Are you unsure to change away from best practices? Do you know how to create an environment of learning on the job? This Bitesize gives you ways to put learning and thus innovation first, and comes with the Management 3.0 Practice of the Celebration Grid

E-learning Management Class #3: Rewards and Incentives

“Do rewards motivate people? Absolutely, they motivate people to get the rewards.” Alfie Kohn in Punished by Rewards aptly puts the struggle in making employees feel appreciated without harming their intrinsic motivation.

How can you incentivize better performance? How can we reward people for the work they’ve done? This e-learning module will take you through the Seven Rules for Rewards that will enhance intrinsic motivation in your whole team, and you learn how to use Kudo Cards for peer-to-peer recognition.

What’s the difference between the e-learning course and Management 3.0 workshops?

Both official workshops and e-learning modules are based on the same ideas and principles. The e-learning modules are something you can take at your leisure, while the Management 3.0 workshops involve one, two or even three days of your time. The e-learning modules are intended to help you overcome specific challenges and are more flexible for your schedule.

They are geared toward the self-learner, however we really encourage that you try out these practices with your team as soon as possible. The workshops add the value of trying out many of these practices with your peers and sharing stories, challenges and experiences with other leaders and on top the workshops come with a beautiful certification!

You can also take an e-learning course to refresh concepts you first learned in a course.

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