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Foundation Workshop

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12th - 13th of July 2021 (Register now!)


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Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


Management 3.0 recognises that todays organisations are complex, living, networked systems. Management 3.0 deepens your understanding of how agile organisations and teams work, and explains the most important practices of agile management.

You'll learn how to be a leader with impact, no matter what your role.

This course steps away from management theory towards a hands-on approach, providing participants with a toolkit to help build a culture where everyone in the organisation is a leader. The result? Energised people, increased employee engagement, improved results and increased value to the overall business.

This course is fun and will ensure you are equipped to take your leadership to the next level. During the course, we run games and experiments to challenge the way you think, leading to a better understanding of why people do what they do. You'll learn how to embrace change and how to encourage others to embrace it as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Different Management and Leadership styles, and the context they are applicable
  • The Principles of Management 3.0
  • Why the need for a different Management and Leadership approach
  • How to increase motivation and engagement
  • Tools and insights to empower your teams in a self-organizing environment
  • How to lead and manage remote teams, including power tips of Management 3.0 team
  • How to give and get feedback to/from each other if you work in different time-zones and remote teams
  • Learn about celebration, what do you celebrate, success or failure?

Topics covered

  • Management and Leadership
  • Principles of Management 3.0
  • Complexity Thinking
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Values and Culture (In-person Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop only)
  • Learning and Competencies (In-person Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop only)
  • Scaling Organisational Structure (In-person Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop only)
  • Remote Teams
  • Better Feedback
  • Improve Everything - Success and Failure

You'll also receive

  • Certified Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop Attendee (Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop)
  • Certified Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop Attendee (Fundamentals Online Workshop)
  • Managing for Happiness, Jurgen Appelo
  • Moving Motivator Cards
  • Electronic copy of the course materials

This workshop is organized by Sarah Rose. Your registration will be sent to Sarah directly.

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