Management 3.0 Event by Piret Brett

Foundation Workshop

This is past event!

Workshop Details 

7th - 8th of December 2021 (Sold Out!)

Tallinn, Estonia

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


Management 3.0 Workshop will be fun, with a good mixture of trying out practical management tools, storytelling of the real-life examples, and a bit of the theory as well. All the tools and ideas you can start experimenting with within your organization/team from the very next day!

Who should attend? Anyone brave enough to learn about a slightly different way of looking at management. Anyone curious to start experimenting with new (or twisted old) practices in your organization. All employees and managers who are interested in getting additional ideas that could help to increase employee engagement.

Management 3.0 workshop includes storytelling and experience sharing. Originally Management 3.0 was created for software development but has been adopted by all sorts of agile teams around the world. Hence the diverse list of participants will mean more great stories to tell and learn from!

Agenda. On the first day, we will talk about the Management 3.0 approach toward management and leadership; we will also talk about a complex system and take topics like motivation and engagement. We will sure discuss delegation, empowerment, and how to develop competence. On the second day we will talk about meaning and purpose but as well pay some attention to the values. Scaling organizational structure will be covered on day 2.

Practicalities. Training will take place in Tallinn, Estonia (facilitator will send the exact location to the registered participants on time). First day from 10:00-17:00 local time and second day till 14:00 local time.

Training cost includes lunch and refreshments.

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Important. Access to the training is granted if at least one of the following requirements is met:
1) A person who has been fully vaccinated and reached maximum immunity by the chosen vaccine. Whereas the time of achieving maximum immunity from the vaccination course cannot exceed the 1-year mark
2) A person who presents a certificate of having recovered from COVID-19. The certificate is only valid for 180 days from its date of issue. A person who has recovered from COVID-19 and has been issued one dose of vaccine is equivalent to the status of a fully vaccinated person.

In addition to the above: each participant must agree with a rapid test (it will be self-testing) before entering the training room.

This is past event!
Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Piret Brett. Piret will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Piret directly

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