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4th - 5th of December 2023 - Coaching 2 Accountability
Skopje, Macedonia
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Psychological safety

Tuesday 27th of September 2022 • 17:00
Timezone: Europe / Berlin
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Europe / Berlin

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Materials language: English

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Did you know that psychological safety is No.1 employee need according to Google?

You as a leader can influence the level of psychological safety on your team and it influences you. Psychological safety is at the heart of the human experience. Don’t think of it as a theoretical or academic concept or as something that lives only at work. This workshop helps leaders to build psychological safety in their teams so they will succeed in the new VUCA world.

What will you learn?

  • What does psychological safety mean?
  • What psychological safety isn’t?
  • Why psychological safety matters?
  • Is psychological safety the same as trust?
  • Rewarded vs punished vulnerability
  • Psychological safety vs. accountability
  • No excuses. 100% accountability & commitment.
  • The steps to team accountability and synergy
  • Psychological safety and learning behavior
  • How to build psychological safety?
  • The 4 stages of psychological safety
  • Are we growing? Are we feeling included?
  • Are we making a difference?
  • Are we challenging the status quo?
  • Setting the right balance in your team

Date and time

September 27th 2022, 17.00-19.30 CET – Psychological safety

Training delivery

Our training is designed by the training from the back of the room model, using research-backed brain-based adult learning techniques. This highly interactive and engaging workshop will be delivered on Zoom and as tool for group interaction we'll use Miro and Jamboard. We'll engage in team discussions, analyzing case studies, playing role plays and challenging exercises, interactive energizers, simulations…

The training will be delivered by Ilija Popjanev, M3.0 Facilitator, ICAgile Instructor, business executive with 20+ years experience in global organizations as General motors, Opel, Good Year, British Petrol... Check participants testimonials! You can also watch 5 min feedback video from workshop participants.

What do you get?

As an attendee of the “Psychological safety” workshop, you will receive certificate from Management 3.0 and your personal profile with badge, shared on LinkedIn.

You will receive a participants guide and Management 3.0 tools in printable version and also digital version (Miro & Jamboard) to practice with your team.

The training is designed on several bestselling books related to psychological safety and for some of them you’ll receive the summaries and key points.

Training investment

The training investment includes workshop delivery, certificate and badge, several free to use tools, participants guide, e-books, access to e-learning platform and 24/7 online support and coaching upon finishing the event.

The early bird price is 129 € until September 16th, 2022! The regular price is 159€!!

If your company is paying in your behalf, please write the company name and address in the comment field. If you're paying by yourself, please write your name, surname and living address and I'll send you an invite link for online payment with credit card, pay pal, stripe...

You can reach me for more info at:; +38970206383 What's up

Looking forward meeting you at this amazing event.

Take care, ilija

    This is past event!
    Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Ilija Popjanev. Ilija will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Ilija directly

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