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18th - 26th of March 2023 - Foundation Workshop
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America / Mexico City
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Meaning & Purpose Module

Saturday 10th of December 2022 (Sold Out!)

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America / New York

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Materials language: English

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Meaning and Purpose

The fundamental ingredient and the beginning of everything

How often do we start an initiative, delegate tasks, assign responsibilities, and believe that people should be committed to their roles, but it turns out that halfway through (or at the beginning) we realize this does not happen?

We spend very little time thinking, about why are we starting this effort, what is the actual customer need, how will we impact our environment, at what point the purpose aligns with personal objectives and goals, how we as leaders connect with the purpose of the initiative, and how can we convey that enthusiasm with our teams?

Let's start with the why

Meaning and Purpose Comments

"Inspired, with hope and motivated."

"I liked to know the importance of Purpose and how do it may tracks people to do things."

"Was an incredible communicative experienced. I took from this workshop a lot of tools that I can apply in a daily basis."

"Incredible session, I am now inspired and eager to learn more."

This is past event!
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