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Monday 27th of March 2023 (Register now!)

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Introduction to Management 3.0 – Manging the system, not the people!

Have you heard of Management 3.0 but not quite sure what it is? Are you interested in finding out what is so revolutionary about the principle, and yet so simple? Management 3.0 is not a framework, but an agile leadership mindset that encourages an action-oriented and inclusive leadership style, supported by a set of curated and practicable activities to modernize every manager's leadership toolkit.

During this hour-long session, you’ll learn about:

  • Management 3.0 and its principles
  • What it means to manage the system and not the people
  • What this means for self-managing teams and the role of an agile leader
  • How to introduce sustainable change and deal with conflict
  • Leadership practices and tools that can be used to develop and facilitate better teams and organisations, such as Moving Motivators, Feedback, Culture Books and how to implement Management 3.0 the very next day!

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Tanya Akin offers Management 3.0 Training for organizations, for teams as well as for coaches, facilitators and individuals interested in New Work and new leadership methods.

Leadership totally redefined: Manage the system – not the people. The official training based on the beststelling books by Jurgen Appelo „Management 3.0“ and „Managing for Happiness“ with many practical topics and exercises that provide practical tools for the daily work of managers and teams.

You will get to know the underlying management and leadership concept of the Management 3.0 principles. This workshop covers leadership topics such as complexity and systems thinking, motivation and commitment, delegation and empowerment, change, emotional intelligence, working with remote teams, dealing with feedback and the role of experimentation in shaping the future. And not only from a theoretical point of view, but also how you can put the newly acquired skills into practice... immediately! We offer this training both as an online training and as a face-to-face workshop (public and in-house).

This workshop is organized by Tanya Akin. Your registration will be sent to Tanya directly.

Attending this workshop will not allow you to automatically become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. However, it can help you on your path to become a Facilitator. Check out the exact way here.

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