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Foundation Workshop

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20th - 28th of April 2023 (Sold Out!)

Online Workshop Timezone:
Europe / Madrid

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
87 / 3


Drive change in your organization, facilitate the co-creation of innovative solutions and promote transformation by applying Management 3.0 models and practices designed for uncertain times.

With the Management 3.0 Foundation Online workshop, you will learn how to adapt your management model as quickly as possible to give you the flexibility you need to manage remote work.

Nowadays, team management and teleworking skills are becoming indispensable. And that is why we need to develop a new mindset accompanied by practices and tools focused on responding to this new paradigm that is emerging.

This Management 3.0 workshop is designed for professionals working with remote teams where they will learn how to lead remote teams, as well as how to facilitate remote meetings and how to give feedback in a virtual environment.

The workshop is designed to be delivered online. We have adapted all the tools, exercises and agenda to make it a virtual experience.

We don't expect you to sit in front of your computer for eight hours!

  • What will you learn?

In the Management 3.0 Foundation Online Workshop you will learn the basics of Management 3.0, with a clear focus on the practices that are most useful for your remote teams.

Administración 3.0 Fundamentos en línea

The course consists of 12 modules divided into 5 sessions of 3h00 (with 15 min break) as follows:


    1. Management and leadership: What is management and what is leadership? Why Management 3.0?

    2. Management 3.0 Principles What is Management 3.0? What are its principles? What are the six things a manager must take care of?


      3. Happiness at work: Why is happiness at work essential? How can we measure the happiness of individuals and teams? What can we do to improve happiness?

      4. Complex thinking: What is complexity, what is it for, how can we deal with complexity?

      5. Motivation and Engagement, or How to Energize People: Why energize people? What motivates each of us? How to use Moving Motivators?

      SESSION 3

        6. Delegating and empowering teams: Why empower teams? What are the levels of empowerment? How to make a Delegation Poker? How to build a Delegation Board?

        7. Teams and diversity: What is the optimal size of a team? Why do teams with several dimensions of diversity work better? How can we measure the diversity index of a team?

        SESSION 4

          8. Change Management: Why dance with the system, how can we do it, why take care of people, how can we do it, why stimulate the network, how can we do it, why change the environment, how can we do it, why change the environment, how can we do it?

          9. Align constraints. Why micromanagement and command and control no longer works? How to align self-organized teams? How to align self-organized teams? What to do? How can we use values and culture? How can we use meaning and purpose?

          10. Growing the structure: What are the types of structure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How to design the most appropriate structure for each case?

          SESSION 5

          11. Developing competencies: Why is it necessary to develop competencies in one's own work? What tools do we have to do it? How can we do it? How can we balance the competencies of a team?

          12. Improve everything. Why is it key to establish a dynamic of continuous improvement? What are the main tools? How can we approach a retrospective? How can we move from fear of error to scaling successes and learning from failures?

          • How are the sessions conducted?

          The Management 3.0 Online workshop has a 100% interactive approach where participants will be in constant participation and application of various Management 3.0 practices and tools.

          The methodology under which the workshop is developed consists of:

          • Online sessions conducted via Zoom, which will be used to present and share workshop topics, as well as to facilitate participation and collaboration among participants.
            We will have surveys during the sessions using Zoom's survey module.
            Collaborative and facilitation tool such as Miro will be used, where participants will apply the various exercises and practices.
            • ¿What does the course include?:
              • 16 hours of online training.
              • Official certificate: Attendance Certified Management 3.0 – Foundation Workshop.

            • Materials:
              Toolkit Management 3.0 in Spanish, which includes: Moving Motivators Cards, Delegation Poker Cards, Kudos Cards.
              Digital work materials for practices to be carried out in the Workshop.
              Access to Management 3.0 online tools.
              E-book: "How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0" by Jurgen Appelo.
              PMI PDUs for PMI certification renewals.
            • What can you expect from the course?
              • Have a good time, live a pleasant and fun experience.
              • Learn things that you will be able to put into practice from that very day.
              • Have an amazing experience.
              • Participate actively in games, dynamics and discussions.
              • Be enriched by the experience of the other participants.
              • Learn about success and failure stories from our environment.
              • Advance your level of maturity as a manager in today's environment.

            • Who is it for?
              • Directors, managers, bosses, leaders, agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, facilitators, consultants or project team members.
              • People involved in the cultural change of the organization and in Agile Transformation / Digital Transformation projects.
              • People interested in improving their management style, the growth and improvement of their work teams and the development of people in general.
              • People responsible for human resources, interested in new ways to attract, retain and develop talent.
              • Companies of all sizes and sectors (industry and services) that want to develop or experiment a new management system in their organization.
            • What do you need at a technical level?
              • PC/Laptop to connect to the Online Workshop.
              • Good internet connection.
              • Video camera for the sessions
              • Download and install Zoom on your computer
              • Have a Gmail account to be able to use Google Documents (Free)
              • Have Miro access (Free)
            • What do I need to bring to the course?
              • Curiosity and willingness to learn.
              • Bring an open mind.
              • Eager to meet people, share and collaborate as a team.
              • Respect and positive energy.
            • What dates and times?


            Session 1: Thursday 20 April 2023
            Session 2: Friday 21 April 2023
            Session 3: Wednesday 26 April 2023
            Session 4: Thursday 27 April 2023
            Session 5: Friday 28 April 2023

            Hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 01:15 p.m. Brussels time (including 15 min break)

            We have 16 places available! Don't miss your chance!

            Prices with VAT for SPAIN

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