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Agile People Leadership Workshop

Agile People Leadership Workshop  

Sunday 10th of March 2024 • 09:00
Timezone: Asia / Shanghai

Online Workshop Timezone:
Asia / Shanghai

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Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
8 / 8


Managing the system, not the people, is more important than ever in leadership. Transform your organization by combining best strategies and practices. You cannot make people feel motivated or engaged. What you can do is set up the right conditions. In this Agile People Leadership workshop you will look into how to create an organization that is future-ready, an organization that is based on a strong purpose which people can connect to. You will gain insights on what makes people tick and what difference emotionally intelligent leaders can make in your organization. You will discuss strategies on how to hire great people – and how to retain top talent with future-proof reward systems in place.

The Management 3.0 Agile People Leadership Workshop is one out of four official follow-up workshops. The aim of these workshops is to gain new perspectives and tools to broaden your impact in your organization, to support the Agile transformation as a leader and change agent. For a holistic learning experience also attend these workshops: Agile Team Leadership, Agile Co-Creation Leadership, Agile Change Leadership.

Topics Covered:

  • Meaning & Purpose
    • Can a team have a different purpose than the organization? How to deal with conflicting purposes?
    • How do define or find the purpose of an organization and who is responsible for the purpose?
    • Do you think having a clear purpose is more important for young professionals, and why would this be the case (or not)?
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Showing emotions is a sign of weakness in some organizations, why would this be the case?
    • Emotional Intelligence is typically a characteristic of a Management 3.0 organization, would you agree or disagree?
    • Some people have a work-instance and a personal-instance of themselves. They behave differently at work compared to how they behave at home. How could this be useful or not?
  • Hiring Great People
    • Who should be involved in the hiring process, how is management and leadership involved?
    • Why would a candidate say yes to your job offer? What are the most important reasons?
    • What is different when you hire online?
  • Rewards & Incentives
    • It is wrong to reward people and why could it be wrong or good?
    • What would be the best bonus system in an organization?
    • How much should managers and leaders be involved in deciding on rewards and incentives, and why?

Practices Included:

  • Values Stories
  • Work Expo
  • Team Competency Matrix
  • STAR(T) Behavioral Recruitment Questions
  • Kudo Cards
  • Merit Money

Ticket prices


4200 HKD (Taxes included)
Offer ends on Sunday 3rd of March 2024

This workshop is organized by Paulino Kok. Your registration will be sent to Paulino directly.

This is a follow-up workshop after attending a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop. See the workshop description for more info and prerequisites.

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