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Foundation Workshop

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop - Face to Face  

Start: 20th of November 2024 • 09:00
End: 21st of November 2024 • 17:30
Timezone: Europe / Zurich

Basel, Switzerland

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


Agile Leadership - Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

How can we create and inspire an adaptive networked organisation?

In a world of constant change and technological innovation, where volatility and response time become a survival factor in organisations, companies are looking for new ways to respond to these changes, including new practices and models. The Management 3.0 Foundation workshop covers the theory and the practical aspects of the leadership required to achieve success as an adaptive networked organisation.

After this immersive program, you will have a solid foundation of skills to create enabling conditions and practices of change in your organisation:

  • Describe the difference between a Management 1.0 and a Management 3.0 leadership style and what it means to be an Agile Leader

  • Identify a better approach on how to recognise and deal with complexity and uncertainty

  • Actively influence and contribute to the 6 important aspects of leadership in an organisation (see the Management 3.0 model below)

  • Create an environment which engages everyone in participation and involves people in relevant decisions in the organisation

  • Experience hands-on practices from the agile leadership toolbox that you can apply in your 1:1s, group meetings and in various organisational development situations

  • Identify your own areas of development for your leadership

Click here to read about the Management 3.0 Foundation workshop and its origins on the official website.

For Whom

  • Leaders with authority and responsibility to lead organisations and people through change

  • Product-, Program-& Portfolio-Managers driving design and delivery

  • External Change Agents - Consultants, Agile Coaches and Mentors supporting change


  • There are no pre-requisites before attending this Management 3.0 Foundations course.

Your Trainer

  • Andrea Darabos is a Business Agility consultant, organisational design and leadership coach. She works with large Fortune 500 multinational organisations as well as ambitious growing middle sized teams on designing and delivering complex business changes.

    Andrea is a Certified Management 3.0 Facilitator and Practitioner since 2014, a Professional Scrum Master PSM, Professional Product Owner PSPO, and a Professional Agile Leader PAL I. and she trains and consults on these topics in the field since 15+ years.

    You can find more information and past participant feedback on Andrea Darabos's Profile here.

Format of the Course

  • A 2 x full days - Face to face immersion (F2F, at Techpark Basel)

  • Visual posters and plenty of learning games to stimulate interaction between participants

  • Co-active learning: participants will be engaged to speak up, to reflect, to write and to draw, to walk around.

  • The language of the course will be English

  • The trainer speaks fluent German in case of questions during the course

  • The slides and materials of the course will be in English.


We are committed to create an accessible learning environment. If you have any accessibility related requests or anything we can do to make your participation more convenient for you, please drop us an email.

Attendee Numbers

  • Maximum attendees: 15 people.
  • Minimum attendees: We will confirm the program and collect payment from registered participants once the minimum number of 5 registrations is reached.

Workshop outline:

Day 1

  • Welcome

  • Management and Leadership
    What is the historical view of management and leadership in business?
    In contrast, what are new definitions and perspectives that modern organisations are embracing for these concepts?

  • Agile Leadership Principles
    In order to create an adaptive, responsive organisation, what principles are helpful for leadership as a collective practice?

  • Complexity Thinking
    How can you recognise when you face a complex or uncertain situation?
    What principles are helpful to navigate complexity?

  • Motivation and Engagement
    Who is responsible for motivating themselves and staying engaged at work?
    How can we create an environment where all employees with their individual differences can thrive?

Which practices will you experience or learn about?

Moving motivators

A scientifically proven set of 10 factors which describe what motivates us at work and our individual preferences.

Personal Maps

A way to connect with your colleagues including new joiners on a more personal level. Grow your level of trust by focusing on the commonalities in your network

Day 2

  • Delegation and Empowerment
    How can we de-centralise authority to make decisions and practice speed over perfection?

  • Culture and Values
    How can a clear company culture and practiced enlivened values increase self-organisation and decision-making in a company?

  • Learning and Competency Development
    How can we assemble a team and create an environment of continuous on-the-job learning? How can we increase resilience by learning?

  • Organisational Structures and Scaling
    Do we need to scale or shall we choose to stay small? How can we dynamically form teams, networks and structures in order to organise for a purposeful outcome?

  • Change management
    What are the individual and systemic aspects of successful change? How can we create an environment where the desired change is easy (perhaps even: fun :) ) to do? We will explore the 4 key change models in Management 3.0 via a storytelling game.

  • Wrap up

Which practices will you experience or learn about?

Delegation Poker

Delegating decision-making authority to a person or to a team (a circle) is not an either-or decision. It is a scale of gradually distributing power and authority. You will have a chance to practically try out what and how much you would delegate to your team in multiple scenarios.

Improv Cards

How can you help a group build a vision about a desired future? To express both feelings and thoughts more freely? We will use techniques from improvisation theatre to warm up your imagination and tap into the emergent vision of the group.


What’s next? - Experience an Open Space (Optional participation)

An Open Space is an organisational pattern designed to enable co-creation of change experiments by employees. Inviting people to a regular Open Space increases ownership and participation in the entire change process. We facilitate and hold Open Spaces online and F2F regularly in our client organisations and also publicly as open events. We warmly welcome you to participate in one of our future events.

What’s included

  • Digital learning material handouts

  • 1 copy of the Book: How to Change the World by Jurgen Appelo

  • 2-day Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop Completion Certificate

  • One personal 1:1 coaching session of up to 90 minutes - bookable within 6 months following the program with the trainer / facilitator on a topic of your choice


  • The course will be held in person, at an inspiring offsite location in Basel
    We will confirm the venue once we have confirmed the course with the minimum booked participants.

How much does the program cost?

  • The program goes ahead, if we reach a minimum of 5 booked participants

  • For group bookings of 3 or more people from the same organisation, please select the relevant ticket option to apply a 10% discount on the total price.

We encourage you to invite colleagues and friends from your network who would benefit from this learning experience.

How to register interest of participation?



You can find more information and past participant feedback on your Trainer: Andrea Darabos's Profile here. To read more about our Business Agility and Innovation services, please visit our website:

Other Important Terms and Conditions

Payment will be collected from registered participants as soon as we reach the minimum 5 registrations. Cancellation is possible, with

  • 100% refund 4 weeks before the training

  • 50% refund 2 weeks before the training

  • No refund within 2 week or less before the training

If you are interested in the possibilities of an in-house workshop, please contact me for training close to you. We deliver in-company trainings both online and face-to-face worldwide, in both German and English language.

Ticket prices


1450 EUR (Taxes excluded)

Group discount (If booking 3+ attendees from the same company)

1305 EUR (Taxes excluded)

This workshop is organized by Andrea Darabos. Your registration will be sent to Andrea directly.

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