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Foundation Workshop

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop  

Start: 28th of October 2024 • 09:00
End: 29th of October 2024 • 17:00
Timezone: Europe / Berlin

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Europe / Berlin

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Materials language: English

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16 / 8


Enter a new world of leadership and cooperation!

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop covers theoretical and practical agile management. It places a strong focus on tools that you can apply immediately after the workshop. Although the workshop was designed for the software development sector, it has now been successfully adopted by all types of agile teams and organisations around the world.
The workshop concept is very interactive and introduces participants to several concrete tools, the so-called Management 3.0 practices.

Level Beginner
Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course. You can start from scratch. It helps if you have a basic understanding of management.
Your Journey The Foundation Workshop covers all six views of Management 3.0 and therefore serves as a basis for agile leadership competences and for all further steps of Management 3.0.

Our learning content

The Management 3.0 workshop gives you a comprehensive insight into new ways of thinking about organisations and managing systems. We will work through the content together in various learning modules using dialogues, tools and simulations.

Day 1

Management and Leadership Learn the differences between Management 1.0, 2.0 and Management 3.0. We look at examples and recognise why a degree of management is always needed. Here we lay the foundation and establish why systems and not people should be managed.
Management 3.0 Principles We will delve into the connections between principles and practices. We then delve deeper into the five principles of Management 3.0
Complexity Thinking
Here you will learn what complex thinking is, how we can reduce complexity, but also at the same time what dangers accompany this process. Using the acronym "VUCA", we will introduce you to the complex-adaptive system and work out how frameworks can be used in this environment.
Motivation and Engagement
It is certainly clear that motivated employees are key. How can environments be created that promote motivation? The acronym "CHAMPFROGS" will accompany us in this learning module, as will the "Moving Motivators" tool.
Delegation and Empowerment
As an introduction, we look at the concept of management and what it requires structurally in an organisation. In doing so, we recognise the challenge of central control in a complex environment. As an offer to solve the problem, we look at what delegation and empowerment are and how these two aspects can be successfully introduced and implemented in the organisation.

Day 2

Values and Culture
Here we look at the positive and negative effects of culture in an organisational context. We learn how you can capture values in a meaningful way and use them to benefit the organisation. Here we look at storytelling and culture books.
Learning and competences
What is a competence and how does it contribute to the team? We look at the five aspects of learning and competences and explore the question of how a team can build up competences in a meaningful way in order to fulfil its tasks. Here we also look at the "team competences matrix" tool.
Scaling Organisational Structures
Learn how the value creation of a company and its organisational structure are connected. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of matrix organisations as well as hierarchy-oriented forms. With the "Meedler Game" we playfully try out new forms of organisation.
Change Management
What do successful change initiatives have in common? We look at what causes resistance and how you can deal with it. With the change management game, you will learn how change is handled within the framework of Management 3.0 and how you can use the "Celebration Grid" to celebrate change and the lessons learnt.

Who is this course for?

More and more companies are turning to agile methods to organise and deliver products. However, it is only one side of the coin to concentrate on the "correct" implementation of Scrum and to focus on adhering to a time box.

For sustainable change, it is also important to focus on how an agile mindset is introduced and anchored in the organisation.
Management 3.0 provides apt explanations and tools that you can apply immediately after your workshop. The concept can be used independently of the familiar methods. In essence, the aim is to resolve what it means to use management successfully in this new system.

The Foundation Workshop is aimed at teams and agile teams. In addition, people from both "middle" and "top management" usually book this workshop in order to obtain support for potentially new approaches.
The workshop is also useful for anyone who is specifically involved in the implementation of the company transformation. These may be, for example, Scrum Masters and Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, OKR Champions or members who are directly involved in the company transformation, such as people from HR, People Centric or the LACE.

What can you expect?

We provide you with a highly interactive workshop, with plenty of time and space for sharing and experiencing simulations; some call them games. We invite you to an attractive online learning environment (Miro) to get to grips with the topics together.

After the workshop you will receive a certificate of participation from Management 3.0. We will also provide you with the documents shown in PDF format.

All our coaches for this course show a high level of english speaking skills. They may have grown up bilingual or worked and lived for several years in an english speaking country.

Who are we?

The Nerd Republic helps individuals and companies to arrive in the agile and new work world. With training, consulting and coaching, we support sustainable development and organisational transformation.

One of our maxims is Walk-the-Talk. Everything you learn from us, we have implemented ourselves in the company, advise companies on it or have done it in the past. We also know that sometimes the textbook can be "stretched" a little and are happy to share our experience with you in the dialogue.

All in all, this also means that we live New Work and Agile, which brings a unique experience to our workshops.You can find out more about us at and on our Linkedin profile.
We are Germany based and conduct most of our trainings and consultancy in Germany. We are currently expanding business and are more then happy to introduce you into our world.

Please do contact us at if you have any questions. We offer group tickets for 3+ participants.

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