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Agility in HR

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Workshop Details 

7th - 8th of November 2019 (Register now!)

Santiago, Chile

Spoken language:

Materials in: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


This 2-day interactive workshop is highly recommended if you work in the area of Human resource and are looking to gain or build knowledge in Agile tooling & methodologies and if you are willing to explore and challenge with curiosity a new way of leading and managing an organization.   

If your company is going Agile and you need to support this transformation, if you want to build collaborative networks to enable innovation or if you are exploring ways to re-position HR by, for example, redesigning your people practices to attract and retain talents this is the right place to start!

The program and training lead to the very first certification in Agile HR - ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent.

During the two-day workshop we will discuss: 

  • What is Agile and why working Agile?
  • What characterizes the agile mindset and how do the traditional HR processes fit when we work Agile?
  • What concrete examples are out there? What have other companies done? 
  • How can HR work Agile by using agile techniques (like SCRUM and Kanban)?
  • How can HR support an organizational Agile transformation?
  • How to look at performance management, recruitment, engagement or rewarding in an agile way?

The workshop places great emphasis on practical examples, and we will share a range of tools to get you started with your initiative on Agile HR, like how to run a sprint or write HR stories. We’ll take you through an agile HR project from setting goals and developing user stories to implement sprint planning and follow-up using Kanban.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to gain practical tools and methods to start applying Agile to your work, increasing your productivity and effectiveness in leading organizational changes.  

You will build your confidence in discussing Agile concepts and frameworks with different stakeholders and be able to consult on Agile organizational transformation when it comes to creating a great employee experience. A more important understanding of why the organizations are going Agile and the implication for HR, including expectations and contribution needed.

More information on this workshop can be found here

Coffee, tea, and lunch are included. Please let me know if you have any special diet requirements for lunch.

We start at 9:00 and end around 17:00. The location of the venue is Napoleon 3233, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

The workshop will be in English unless we all speak Dutch ;). Materials will always be in English. We will decide on a go begin October.

By registering yourself, you are OK with me adding you to my newsletters, and using your information for the invoice and evaluation.

Invoicing will be done by Sensing Cloud Spa.

This is past event!
Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Ralph van Roosmalen. Ralph will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Ralph directly

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