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1st - 2nd of November 2019 (Sold Out!)

Singapore, Singapore

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I used to think authority and power were undisputed rights that came with my role as a people manager. Boy, was I so wrong! #repentant

The Reality

In recent years, as a leadership & business agility consultant-trainer-coach, I have met many teams and individuals across different functions, types of organisations and industries in many countries. At every occasion (where possible), I ran a poll on workplace happiness. 

Conclusion: The challenges faced by modern knowledge workers everywhere are almost universal. See if these are familiar to you: 

  • Lack of communication and collaboration among team members as a result of functional, physical and even digital silos

  • A sense of being micromanaged and a lack of empowerment resulting in less-than-meaningful working experience

  • Lack of appreciation and recognition for the amount of effort given to the organisation

  • Stressful, demanding and overloaded work environments in a constant state of change and chaos

and the most disconcerting...

  • A lack of leadership resulting in misaligned teams with little sense of shared purpose


Sometimes I ask myself: "If work is so unpleasant and demotivating, why do we even bother?" 

Yet millions of people need work. Hence, I believe the right thing for leaders and managers to do is to actively create happier and meaningful workplaces for people.

The (Sad) Truth

Throughout my corporate years, I have never come across "managerial training" that actually goes beyond "better communication" skills, learning performance management systems, conducting appraisals and perhaps some coaching training for enlightened organisations. 

Also, how does studying management topics actually make one a better manager? Truthfully, most of my leadership and management studies, including my MBA, are purely academic with very limited use in real life!

So what can managers do then to lead, engage and motivate their people on a daily basis rather than only at appraisal time? 

Why Management 3.0?

In my journey to find better ways of working and workplace happiness, I have stumbled upon the world of Agile, self-management and servant leadership. Management 3.0 is the best of Agile Leadership that is applicable across different organisational types, functions and industries.

Management 3.0 provides you with the mindset, practical and practicable tools and techniques to become a better leader and work manager in today's complex, fast-paced and demanding work environments.

What will you learn at this Management 3.0 Foundations Workshop

  • How to think and behave like a people leader instead of a people pusher

  • Tools and techniques to lead people instead of telling or instructing people

  • How to develop self-managing, trusting and transparent teams using leadership boundaries

  • See the big natural picture of human organisations through complexity thinking

  • How to create a happier and productive workplace by developing trust and cultivating healthy culture

What are you going to do at a Management 3.0 Foundations Workshop

You will experience a fun, engaging and insightful learning environment. While you will learn and practise many Management 3.0 tools and techniques to bring back to the workplace, there will also be many opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and discussions for additional growth and learning.

What will we talk and think about

  • Leadership & management

  • Complexity thinking

  • Energising people

  • Empowering teams

  • Aligning constraints for self-management

  • Developing individual and team competencies

  • Growing organisational structures

  • Continuously improving work systems

Who should come and share their experience and aspirations

  • Functional heads, people managers, team leaders

  • Human resource professionals

  • Change management professionals


If Management 3.0 sounds like something you'd need to help your team or organisation grow or to improve existing situations, come join us for these 2 days of learning and insightful reflections.

Do you have any questions for me? For more information or to have a discussion, send me an email at or a phone call at +65 9687 2858.

This is past event!
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