Management 3.0 Event by Jan Doležal

Foundation Workshop

Workshop Details 

4th - 5th of November 2020 (Register now!)

Prague, Czech Republic

Spoken language:
Czech / English

Materials in: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


Although this text and all materials are written in English, the workshop will be facilitated in the English or Czech language (according to atendees).

Self-confident, committed and motivated teams with high levels of self-organization and empowerment are needed to succeed in an increasingly complex and changeable environment. We will show you how to create and lead such teams in this training.

If you want a working agile in your organization than it is more than to have just an agile team. There are also needed leaders and managers able to create an environment for those teams. And, as many researches shows, an "old-style" management is the biggest obstacle for Agile transformations (and you won't need it anymore).

Management 3.0 is about personal motivation, growing self-organized teams and managing an agile organization.

So it is especially interesting for the: Senior and Top Managers, Project Managers, IT Leads, Delivery Managers, Cluster Managers, Domain Managers and Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches aspiring to became Agile Leaders. In short - everyone who wants to become better at maximizing employee talents and their potential.

There are covered those M 3.0 themes and questions:

  • Management & Leadership; how a management evolved through time? Why and what is a Management 3.0? What is the role of leader or manager in an agile environment?
  • Complexity Thinking; how to deal with a complexity of today’s world? 8 guidelines to deal with a complexity.
  • Energizing People; how to get people engaged and motivated? Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, basic principles and philosophy for creating motivational environment.
  • Empowering Teams; because only empowered team can be self-organized. How to delegate work efficiently? How to teach teams to be empowered and self-organized?
  • Aligning Constraints; how our teams should know where to go? To have a purpose is basic need for motivation. Culture eats everything for breakfast... how to grow a great organizational culture?
  • Developing Competence; how to have a competent team? What competence on which level we need? How to grow a T-shaped skill?
  • Growing Structure; how to organize our organization to be agile and also efficient? How to balance centralization vs. decentralization, hierarchy vs. network etc.?
  • Improve everything; how to survive in today’s VUCA world? How to learn faster than the others?

All parts include some introduction about theme and than at least one game, tool or exercise which you will practice and debrief. 

You will learn and practice tools such as:

  • Mooving motivators
  • Delegation poker
  • Meddlers game
  • Kudo cards
  • Improv cards

Organizational details:

  • Location: Prague, near to the underground station "Vysočanská".
  • There will be very delicious refreshment included. Lunch is part of it also.
  • You will get materials in English and the language spoken will be Czech.
  • You will get a PDF of all presented slides and materials.
  • Attending the workshop allows you to become Management 3.0 facilitator!

Price and time:

  • Early bird price is  € 690,- exl. VAT, regular price is  € 790 ,- exl. VAT.
  • Timing is from 9:00 till 17:00.        
  • Minimum group size is four.
  • By registering yourself, you declare you will be responsible for taking care of the VAT rules as they apply in your country.

Ticket prices


18200.00 Kč (Tax excluded)
Offer ends on Saturday 31st of October 2020

This workshop is organized by Jan Doležal. Your registration will be sent to Jan directly.

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