Team Competency Matrix

How can you best use team competency development to reach your objectives?


The prep work for competency development is identifying gaps both in our individual professional experience and expertise and within our team. You need to know both what your employee wants to learn and how it can or cannot fit with the goals of the company.

First, of course, you need to identify those objectives. Then, you need to work with your team to identify what are the needed competencies and to strategize how to fulfill these needs successfully. Start to identify “What are we good at?” and put people in the following positions:

  • Expert: I can teach it. (Green)
  • Practitioner: I can do it. (Yellow)
  • Novice: What is it? (Red)

How to Use the Team Competency Matrix to Fill in the Gaps

Each Team Competency Matrix focuses on a single project. Define the competency requirements for your team to have in order to reach these goals. Try categorizing them like this:

  • Topics and Subject Matter
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Processes and Practices
  • Soft Skills

For each piece of the project, decide on competence level needs.

Then, create a list answering: In which areas does the team need to have competence to reach its goals? Categorize them Green, Yellow, Red, presenting, respectively, Expert, Practitioner, Novice. How many of each?

Finally, fill out the Team Competency Matrix for your team, identifying individual potential contribution. Identify the gaps.

Note: The Team Competency Matrix is intended to be a group activity, giving you and your teammates the opportunity to self-organize through open communication.


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