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Management 3.0 Plus Module: Better Feedback

This Management 3.0 Plus Module offers the importance of giving actionable feedback as well as a way to overcome the often awkward nature of giving feedback in a constructive way.

Feedback is important because…

1.It can keep the team going
Feedback should always be constructive. It is the fertilizer to develop the competencies of your team.

2. It gives a feeling of belonging and purpose
Both positive and negative feedback contribute to a sense of trust and purpose.

3. It increases growth and happiness
Do you remember the last time someone complimented you on your work or simply mentioned something about you that you hadn’t heard before?

4. It unlocks change and innovation
There would be no change or improvement if you did not provide (constructive!) feedback.

5. It prevents teams from being stuck and discouraged
Feedback is something everybody needs because we are all uniquely continuous learners.

Better Feedback with the Feedback Wrap

Feedback Wrap
  1. Describe your context
  2. List your observations
  3. Express your feelings
  4. Explain the value
  5. Offer some suggestions

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