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Management 3.0 Module: Better Feedback

This Management 3.0 Module offers the importance of giving actionable feedback as well as a way to overcome the often awkward nature of giving feedback in a constructive way.

Feedback is important because…

– The benefits of feedback

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  1. It can keep the team going
    Feedback should always be constructive. It is the fertilizer to develop the competencies of your team.
  2. It gives a feeling of belonging and purpose
    Both positive and negative feedback contribute to a sense of trust and purpose.
  3. It increases growth and happiness
    Do you remember the last time someone complimented you on your work or simply mentioned something about you that you hadn’t heard before?
  4. It unlocks change and innovation
    There would be no change or improvement if you did not provide (constructive!) feedback.
  5. It prevents teams from being stuck and discouraged
    Feedback is something everybody needs because we are all uniquely continuous learners.


Preview of the Better Feedback Module

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Better Feedback with the Feedback Wrap

It’s a wrap! Use a Feedback Wrap to offer constructive feedback to someone. Wrapping your thoughts helps you to focus on personal improvement and systemic improvement. At the same time, it generates trust through good communication, benevolent concern, aligning interests, increasing competence, and delivering on commitment.

Feedback Wrap
  1. Describe your context
  2. List your observations
  3. Express your feelings
  4. Explain the value
  5. Offer some suggestions

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What does it take to deliver positive feedback?

We all know the sandwich method, which involves saying something nice, then something not so nice and ending on a positive note. But there are other ways to deliver positive feedback. Before delving in, let’s first discuss why feedback is important, what are the benefits of feedback?.

Feedback is one of the most useful ways for telling us ‘where we are’ and where we want to be. Without it we can’t change or move forward.

One of the best ways to give and get positive feedback is to be direct and ask directly. People appreciate those who can say things as they are and not beat around the bush. This doesn’t mean you have to be harsh, it just means saying what you mean and not forcing the other person to read between the lines. The same thing goes if you’re requesting feedback: A good question to ask is: How can I do better?

What you don’t want to do when giving feedback is to not provide a way forward. Telling someone what isn’t working is fine, but try to come from a solutions-based approach. Explain what’s not working and then indicate a desire to find a way to change things. This can be done by both providing advice and more importantly, inviting the other person into the conversation to come up with solutions together.

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