The Change Management Game

Storytelling change management processes to share positive experiences.

The Change Agent Game was originally published in Jurgen Appelo’s How to Change the World 90-page booklet. This game consists of the 34 questions listed in How to Change the World. It was created to encourage players to respond to the questions on the cards and to share stories of successful change management processes.

Download The Change Agent Game! (PDF will open)

How can you change a social complex system? This game focuses on these four facets of social change:

  1. Consider the system.
  2. Consider the individuals.
  3. Consider the interactions.
  4. Consider the environment.

The following four change models are included in this game. You can choose to use one, two or all of these change management process models under which to play the game.

  • Dance with the system, using the PDCA Model
  • Mind the people, using the ADKAR Model
  • Stimulate the network, using the Adoption Curve Model.
  • Change the environment, using the Five I’s Model.

Below we explain each change management process model that you can consider using to organize and foster the conversation around The Change Management Game.

Dance with the System: PDCA Chart [Plan Do Check Act]

  1. Plan: What is your goal?
  2. Do: What are the crucial steps?
  3. Check: How do you gather feedback & measure results?
  4. Act: How do you accelerate the results?

Mind the People: ADKAR Model [Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.]

  1. Awareness: How will you communicate? Set an example?
  2. Desire: How do you make it urgent or desirable?
  3. Knowledge: Who will teach and how?
  4. Ability: How can you make it easy to be adopted?
  5. Reinforcement: How can you make it sustainable?

Stimulate the Network: Adoption Curve Model

  • Are you committed? Who else is?
  • Who will be the innovators?
  • Who will be the early adopters? How will leadership help?
  • How do you reach the early majority? Create virality?
  • How will you reach the late majority? Persuade the skeptics?
  • How will you prevent a relapse?

Change the Environment: 5I’s Model [Information, Identity, Incentives, Infrastructure, Institutions]

  • Information: How do you ease communication? Transmit information?
  • Identity: How do you encourage a group identity to grow?
  • Incentivize: How to do you encourage good behavior?
  • Infrastructure: Analyze barriers and paths to success.
  • Institutions: Who can make the rules

Download The Change Agent Game! (PDF will open)

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