Improv Cards


  • 55 colorful cards in a deck, 55 different images related to Management 3.0
  • Packed in a nice cardboard box

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Storytelling is a way to open up team collaboration. Improv Cards are a great way to bring people out of their comfort zone toward real communication as you go through change management or look to increase employee engagement. There are a million ways you can play Improv Cards, as long as you have fun and open talks!

Ideal for enhancing the toolbox of agile coaches, scrum master, systemic coaches and more.

Use the storytelling cards for your retrospective, checkin, workshop facilitation.

Technical people sometimes think that anything that is too human is not serious. It’s not appropriate… When you realize that this is something good and powerful, that you can make part of yourself to tell stories, then you can look to improve that. That is the Improv Cards.
— Juan Gabardini, Kleer Agile Coaching & Training

Improv Cards in Action

Improv Cards for Remote Teams and/or in a Virtual Environment

Play Improv Cards online with your colleagues, your peers or even your family. We have brought our popular card set online – it’s free. Start playing here

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