Your Certificate of Knowledge

Show that you are an active Management 3.0 learner

Do you want some more proof that you’re learning about management? How about showing off your efforts at self-education?

Get a Certificate of Knowledge!

We understand that some people want some sort of proof of what they’ve learned at a Management 3.0 workshop, online course or even just by reading on your own. Soon we will create an online test that will allow you to test your learning and, if passed, you’ll get a colorful Certificate of Knowledge from us. Some people find certificates useful as proof of their investment in learning.

Once available, your Certificate of Knowledge will give you the right to get a Management 3.0 content license, so you can facilitate your own workshops with the official Management 3.0 materials.


Do you want to go a step further on your road to become a real Management 3.0 practitioner? Apply for a Certificate of Practice, which allows you to put into action the Management 3.0 practices and then share your story.

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