Your Certificate of Practice

Do you want proof that you’re practicing modern management and leadership topics? Would you like to show off your experiments and stories of modern management and leadership practices?

Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice

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With a Certificate of Practice, you can prove that you have actually applied Management 3.0 practices and shared your insights with others in a work-related environment.

Certified Management 3.0 Practitioner

Unlike the Certificate of Attendance, this more valuable certificate explains that you are a practitioner, not merely attended a workshop.

It is important to understand that the Management 3.0 community does not believe in simple knowledge tests when applied to complex topics such as management and leadership. Instead, we believe that people learn most when they run experiments and share their findings. Also, no practice works in all contexts.



We learn most by learning from each other what works and what doesn’t. This philosophy of discovering-new-knowledge-by-sharing (instead of taking a test of “fixed” knowledge) and experimentation and adaptation for your team are the foundations of the Certificate of Practice.

How to Get Your Certificate


Read the books, take an in-person event or online management course, get coaching from Management 3.0 Facilitator who have already earned the Certificate of Practice, browse the Management 3.0 website, or do all of it! It doesn’t matter to us how, as long as you get to know the Management 3.0 practices.


Pick seven practices from this list of Practices and Games.


Experiment with these practices in a work-related environment together with your colleagues, your customers, your suppliers, or your peers. Again, the specific context doesn’t matter to us. Surprise us! However, using them as a facilitator in a Management 3.0 or any other workshop/training does not count.


For each of the seven practices, share with the world what you learned. You can write blog posts, produce videos, make podcasts. It doesn’t matter. But keep in mind to describe it well, so a 2 sentence post won’t be enough. Also, one blog post, video, podcast, etc. per practice.

Please note that the Certificate of Practice cannot be earned by two people doing the same experiments and writing one set of blog posts – each one of you has to write about his/her own experiences. You can find some examples at the bottom of this page.

Important, you must share your findings in English


Link back to the individual Management 3.0 Practices on our website so readers can learn more.


Apply for Certificate of Practice and share with us links to your learning experiences for seven practices.

Obtaining a Certificate of Practice makes it possible for you to get a Management 3.0 facilitator license and run your own workshops with the official materials!


We will send an invoice by email with the billing information you provided.


After the invoice is paid we will review your practices and may give you feedback on ways to improve your storytelling. We may ask you to add some clarification or elaboration to ease the learning curve for others.


After we have approved your seven stories, we send you the Certificate of Practice. If you are already a Management 3.0 Facilitator, we will also add a pretty badge to your profile! (See Facilitators with a Certificate of Practice)

Need some more guidance? Download our Guiding Template (PDF) to learn what we expect to see in a report of Certificate of Practice.

Examples of Learning Experiences

Implementing Kudo Cards by Ralph van Roosmalen (blogpost)
How to Play Delegation Poker by Troy Daniel (video)
Team Competency Matrix in chemical R&D laboratory by Dima Novikov

Apply for a Certificate of Practice now

    Please use this form to submit your application for the Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice

    First of all, please tell us about yourself and your work

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    Now, tell us about how you’ve put Management 3.0 in to Action

    In the fields below, please select all the practices you have used and paste links to the outcomes of your 7 experiments, where you have used Management 3.0 Practices in a real-life context. Your content can be in any format - written, video, audio - but must be in the English language. The Certificate of Practice cannot be earned by two people doing the same experiments and writing one set of blog posts, everyone has to prepare the content and application individually. Please present your ideas in the best possible light by checking spelling and grammar carefully, and make sure you link to the appropriate practice for each item.

    Need some more guidance? Download our Guiding Template (PDF) to learn what we expect to see in a report of Certificate of Practice.

    If you have experimented with more than 7 practices, please select your best ones to send to us here:

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    Just some final checks, please read them carefully!

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    What happens next? Once we have received your application we will send invoice by email with the billing information you provided. After the invoice is paid we will review it thoroughly, this may take a couple of weeks. We may also ask you for any clarifying information which is necessary to ensure your results can be clearly understood.

    After we have approved your 7 stories we will send you your Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice.

    Our Fees for a Certificate of Practice

    We have realized that the majority of our applicants are using their Certificate of Practice to become a facilitator, which is why it is the same price as attending a Foundation (16-hour) in-person workshop (but without the amenities and coaching fees.)

    Following our location-dependent price index, here are our prices (plus VAT, if applicable):

    CountryCertification Fee
    This Certification Fee entitles you to a second attempt, which means you have the chance to incorporate any feedback provided and re-apply for one more time. If you fail the first two attempts and want to make a third attempt, you must pay 50€ for two more tries.