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Management 3.0 is all about hands-on practices. Practices you can use right away. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Management 3.0 practices we have prepared a challenge for you. A challenge that will last five days. Five days in which you’ll learn hands-on practices in order to improve your team communication.

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Who is this challenge for?

It’s for you! Whether you are the team leader or a team member, management is too important to leave to the managers. This means that there must be an emphasis on team communication. Everyone can improve team communication as long as you have the right tools.

What will the challenge help you with?

The challenge lasts for five days and includes five small tasks (assignments) which you can work on as soon as you get it. The tasks are designed in a way where you have to do them instantly without putting in too much time but still being effective.

The challenge addresses questions such as: How can we…

  • Build better relationships
  • Turn the organization to a new way of working
  • Make people appreciate each other
  • Empower people to work together when they have different styles or working
  • Create a better work environment
  • Make the work fun
  • Have people connect to each other more often
  • Encourage giving/asking feedback
  • Be more transparent

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