How to Energize People

People are the most important parts of an organization and managers must do all they can to keep people active, creative, and motivated.

Martie Energize People

Postconventional creativity is about doing things in an unusual way while fully understanding what’s considered to be “normal”. Such a mindset can be supported by teaching people creative techniques and giving them a creative environment in which to work.

Trying to motivate people focusing on extrinsic motivations rarely works because it’s based on external factors. Intrinsic motivation, however, works much better as it comes from within.

The connectivity of people is one of the most important aspects of diversity. Diversity in connectivity is one of the best predictors of competence and performance within a team.

People and teams can learn about themselves and about each other through personality assessments. When shared and discussed voluntarily, such assessments can be great contributors to trust and respect in a team.

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