Management 3.0 Event by Arihant Jain and Mac Ward

Fundamentals Online Workshop

This is past event!

Workshop Details 

4th - 12th of February 2021 (Sold Out!)

Online Workshop Timezone:
America / New York

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
12 / 3


We are excited to announce Management 3.0 Fundamentals online workshop that is designed for leaders who work with distributed teams (remote or in person)! The highly interactive online workshop is designed for virtual environment mixed with concepts, exercises, rich conversations, practical examples and personal stories that you can relate with.

The workshop is intended for leaders in diverse fields such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Communications, Technology, Coaches, Scrum masters, Department leaders.

By attending this workshop you learn and experience:

  • Different Management and Leadership, which fit in which context;
  • The Principles of Management 3.0;
  • How to learn about what motivates your team, and how to increase motivation and engagement;
  • Tools and insights to empower your teams. How to get them self-organizing;
  • How to lead and manage remote teams. Including power tips of the Management 3.0 Team;
  • How to develop team competence
  • How to give feedback to each other if you work in different time-zones and remote teams;
  • Learn about celebration, what do you celebrate, success or failure?

A bonus session on Teams diversity and decision matrix is also included.

Attending this workshop you will receive the Certificate of Attendance of the Fundamentals Online Workshop.

The workshop is designed to be given online. The tools, exercises, and agenda are optimized for an online workshop, spread out so that you’re not in front of your desk for long stretches!

The workshop is broken into 4 sessions of 3 hours each (Total 12 hours).

  • Thursday Feb-4 2021
  • Friday Feb-5 2021
  • Thursday Feb-11 2021
  • Friday Feb-12 2021

All times are: 1pm to 4pm Eastern time (GMT - 4)

Included in the registration for the workshop, we’ll also offer two advisory/coaching sessions. In these sessions, we discuss your specific challenges in implementing the practices in your context, or other related management and leadership challenges. Each session will be for about one hour.

Workshop needs:

  • Laptop with webcam and secondary display
  • Good Internet connection
  • A quiet place
  • Most importantly, have fun and smile :)
This is past event!
Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Arihant Jain. Arihant will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Arihant directly

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