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Foundation Workshop

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Management 3.0; Foundation Workshop  

Start: 23rd of November 2022 • 09:00
End: 24th of November 2022 • 18:00
Timezone: Europe / Brussels
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Brussels, Belgium

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
16 / 8


Wemanity Learning Center is proudly organising an open training on Management 3.0 in its Brussels’ offices on the 23th and 24th of November.

Why Management 3.0?

Engaged, motivated and happy people are the foundation of any successful organisation.
We can achieve this through a different culture and approach to leadership and management.

In today’s business environment we face two problems :

Employees are less and less engaged

Transforming a company’s culture and organisation of work is a complicated undertaking.

How do we drive and achieve the change needed?

By empowering people
Developing continuous improvement
Taking into account the intrinsic motivators of each person
Encouraging behaviours aligned with your values
Building a system capable of accepting change of scale

Management 3.0 is for you if you want to :


Become a better manager and leader

Boost productivity


Nurture innovation

Motivate any team


Change the culture

Become more Agile

Increase happiness at work

The Foundation Workshop covers the six business views on organisations as defined in Management 3.0 plus the basics of Management & Leadership as well as Complexity Thinking.

The six business perspectives:

  • Energize people; drive motivation and engagement
  • Empower teams: through delegation and empowerment
  • Align constraints: give direction and purpose, define values and culture
  • Develop competence: enhance learning and competence development
  • Grow structure: scale organisational structure for adaptable growth
  • Improve everything: continuous enhancement of the way of working

With a strong focus on practical application and immediate impact several Management 3.0 practices, such as delegation poker, team decision matrix and moving motivators, will be applied during the training.


23th and 24th of November

In our Brussels’ offices


Marc Nieman, from Wemanity, will be facilitator of this interactive Management 3.0 foundations training.Marc Nieman is an Agile coach and licensed Management 3.0 facilitator.
He applies his passion to support people, teams, and organisations to transform the way they organise and manage work.Marc spent 20 years in B2B commercial and advisory roles, learning how important it is to understand the WHY behind each question to create customer specific solutions.
As a coach, he has a huge experience with IT, marketing, HR and enterprise-wide change initiatives using methodologies such as Scrum, Design Thinking, SAFE, Customer Experience, A/B testing and Management 3.0.

This is past event!
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