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Value Based Negotiations (Leadership Builder Program)

Thursday 20th of June 2024 • 18:00
Timezone: Europe / Berlin

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Europe / Berlin

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We all know that the ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity. Many people perceive the room for negotiation as the difference between the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price a seller can come down to. It will only be possible to strike a deal if the buyer can pay a price above the seller's threshold of pain. But negotiation is a two-way street. It’s a process that involves not just claiming value but creating it. The real room for negotiation becomes much larger if we can learn how to create value. Studies indicate that 40% of the actual room for negotiation is never exploited in a negotiation because negotiators fail to identify and utilize the potential added value.

Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such a tactic.

How can you try changing the game and turn the typical negotiation into a value driven negotiation?

How can you create a common ground in a negotiation? Is it possible to build a win-win partnership and manage the pressure of achieving short-term results?

This is what we will try to explore and learn through this program "Value Based Negotiations" :)

This course is a part of the Leadership Builder (LB®) Program (12 essential leadership skills), a flagship solution for developing emerging leaders for the challenges of the new VUCA world.

What will you learn?

  • Foundational competencies of effective negotiators
  • Explore how to make the most of your own natural negotiation style
  • Enhance your competence to add value through the negotiation process
  • How to create a power balance in negotiations?
  • Strategies to counter "The Negotiator’s dilemma"?
  • Discover the strengths and limitations of your primary negotiation style
  • Why is trust a necessity in negotiations?
  • Discover proven trust triggers and strategies during negotiations
  • Understand the types of stakeholders in negotiations
  • How to navigate tensions and crucial conversations?
  • Learn how to use Socratic questions during negotiations
  • What are the roles of a value based negotiator?
  • Value creation techniques in negotiations
  • Recognizing negotiation tricks & building a counter measures
  • Assess the skillset of your teammates in terms of how they conduct negotiations
  • Transform your people into a team of determined negotiators who are committed and feel responsible for the results of their work
  • Learn and practice proven negotiation techniques
  • Equip yourself with tools to help your team achieve the desired results

Date and time

June 20th 2024, 18.00-20.30 CEST – Check your time zone!

Training delivery

Our training is designed by the training from the back of the room model, using research-backed brain-based adult learning techniques. This highly interactive and engaging workshop will be delivered on Zoom and as tool for group interaction we'll use Miro board. We'll engage in creative team assignments and discussions to learn by doing, and we'll explore conflict resolution tools.

The training will be delivered by Ilija Popjanev, M3.0 Facilitator, ICAgile Instructor, business executive with 20+ years experience in global organizations as General motors, Opel, Good Year, British Petrol... Check participants testimonials! You can also watch 5 min feedback video from workshop participants.

What do you get?

As an attendee of the “Value Based Negotiations" workshop, you will receive certificate from Management 3.0 and your personal profile with badge, shared on LinkedIn.

You will receive a participants guide, e-books and Management 3.0 tools in printable version and also digital version (Miro & Jamboard) to practice with your team.

Leadership Builder (LB®) is a flagship solution consisted of: Interactive online workshops, self-paced learning journeys, mentoring and coaching interventions, assessment solutions and comprehensive toolkit.

Why using LB® and how to achieve the desired outcomes?

  • Modular and adaptable leadership development solution, a wide solutions portfolio, and an extensive learning programs and tools to choose from.
  • Emerging Leaders transition from delivering results individually to creating value through others.
  • Active ingredient that improves your company’s health and makes it better every day.
  • Instrument that helps shape organizational culture through immersive learning experiences.
  • Method of staying relevant in the industry by creating employee and customer centric value.

Training investment

The training investment includes workshop delivery, certificate and badge, several free to use tools, participants guide, e-books, access to e-learning platform and 24/7 online support and coaching upon finishing the event.

The early bird price is 199 euro valid until May 10th 2024. The regular price is 299 euro.

This course in also offered in bundle with the other courses from the Leadership Builder Program. Ask for more details on pricing, content and tooling!

If your company is paying in your behalf, please write the company name and address in the comment field. If you're paying by yourself, please write your name, surname and living address and I'll send you an invite link for online payment with credit card, pay pal, stripe...

Ask for proposal for inhouse corporate event or group of more then 8 people! The organizer can postpone the event if less than 4 people register.

You can reach me for more info at:; +38970206383 What's up

Looking forward meeting you at this amazing event.

Take care, ilija

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