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M30: Delegation and Management

Tuesday 22nd of September 2020 (Register now!)

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M30: Delegation and Empowerment by beLithe, LLC

Tuesday, September 22nd

7:00pm EDT

People are the foundation of an organization.

People are not resources to be used as organizations see fit. People are the most important parts of an organization and managers must do all they can to keep people active, creative, and motivated.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn why effective delegation is important
  • Learn why delegation can lead to empowerment
  • Learn how to effectively delegate
  • Learn why delegation is a win/win for everyone.

A bit about these workshops...

During The #Slinkythink Workshop Series, we're covering a new topic every two weeks, diving in into the three pillars of our mission:

  • HEAD

In addition to delivering impactful learning opportunities, we deliver to you empowering insights, perspectives, and strategies you can add to your toolkit as you continue on your professional and personal journey.

These workshops do come with a cost. We've taken our two-day in-person courses and broken them down into micro chunks. You can now pick and choose the topics that are meaningful to you at that point in time. By being smaller, you don't have to give up an entire day, but can spend a few hours on a regular consistent cadence at a price that is easier on the wallet.


  • Laptop
  • Webcam
  • A headset is strongly recommended
  • Internet connection of at least 10mbps
  • A quiet place to attend the workshop

This is an interactive workshop. Just grab some headphones, login, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll have the chance to not only engage with us directly, but you will also have an opportunity to collaborate with others in the workshop in discussions and activities.

As a paying attendee, you will have access to course materials and workshop recordings for one year after completion of the workshop.

All workshops will be recorded for the sole use of being available to paying attendees only.

Join us and see how we can help you uncover new ways to empower your teams to consistently achieve their goals and objectives effectively.

This workshop is part of the Head•Heart•Briefcase Workshops.

The world is changing at an exponential pace, and most of us now work remotely. In addition, the best people for the job often reside too far away to make commuting possible. Maybe you want a better work/life balance. People expect to be able to work from anywhere!

“Once one member of a team works remotely, then the whole team works remotely! “

The Head•Heart•Briefcase Workshops are designed for Leaders who work with remote teams! Learn about how to give feedback in a remote environment; learn about how to lead remote teams, learn about facilitating remote meetings!

Our workshops are designed for the virtual environment. Tools, exercises, and agenda are optimized for an online workshop. We’ll get you out from in front of your monitor. We’ll give you opportunities to break out with other participants to share not only what works from our perspective but provide opportunities for you to learn from the other attendees!

By attending this series of workshop, you learn and experience:

  • Different Management and Leadership styles, and the context they are applicable
  • The Principles of Management 3.0
  • Why the need for a different Management and Leadership approach
  • How to increase motivation and engagement
  • Tools and insights to empower your teams in a self-organizing environment
  • How to lead and manage remote teams, including power tips of Management 3.0 team
  • How to give and get feedback to/from each other if you work in different time-zones and remote teams
  • Learn about celebration, what do you celebrate, success or failure?

Those who attend all 8 sessions of this workshop will receive the Certificate of Attendance of the Fundamentals Online Workshop.

By attending this workshop you will get a 20% discount on the Certificate of Practice!

Management 3.0 will release a Fundamentals Plus In-Person Workshop (one day) in the upcoming months. Attendees of the Fundamentals Plus In-Person Workshop, when combined with this online workshop, will be eligible to become a Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator. By attending this online workshop, and the new in-person workshop, you will be able to become a facilitator also!

Meet “Team #Slinkythink”

Chris Daily has accumulated more than 30 years of executive-level experience in software development. He’s directly influenced various levels of start-ups such as Stratice Healthcare, where he served as the Chief Technology Officer, in addition to numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Experian, Fidelity National, and Angie’s List, where he last served as a Senior Director.


We have answers! Please contact Chris Daily, Managing Director of Director, at 

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100.00 $ (Tax excluded)
Offer ends on Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

This workshop is organized by Christopher Daily. Your registration will be sent to Christopher directly.

Attending this workshop will not allow you to automatically become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. However, you can become a Facilitator another way: First you need to earn a Certificate of Practice. Once you have received the Certificate of Practice you can apply to become a Facilitator.

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