Ways to enable a Feedback Culture in the Workplace

Effective Employee Feedback Techniques & Methods

What is so important about feedback? Why do we want to give employee feedback at work? It’s important because it helps give people a sense of belonging and purpose, it increases growth and happiness and contributes to a sense of trust among colleagues. It gives a feeling of belonging and purpose.

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More effective than the Feedback Sandwich: Try the Feedback Wrap Method

A great way to give positive, effective employee feedback is to forget the compliment sandwich and try the Feedback Wrap! This Management 3.0 Practice addresses a challenge many of us are trying to overcome with our teams today: Giving actionable feedback, the kind that leads to positive, self-motivated action, not disgruntled teammates. The feedback wrap helps people focus on both personal improvement and systematic improvement.

How to apply constructive feedback with the Feedback Wrap

A Fun Way to gain Employee Feedback: The 360 Dinner

Learning how to have good feedback techniques at work is super important. Giving and receiving employee feedback creates room for improvements and can clear the sky after a storm. Setting up regular 360 degree feedback cycles are even better as the feedback you receive gives you a complete picture. At Management 3.0 what we particularly love is the 360 Dinner. It’s usually set up once a year and it’s a shortcut to the standardized 360 degree feedback methods.

Read on about how the 360 Dinner can improve your feedback culture

A special place for feedback in the workplace: The Happiness Door Technique

One of the best ways to give constructive employee feedback and create collective happiness and collaboration is from being able to share the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s why at Management 3.0 we’re all about asking for timely, specific and honest feedback in the workplace and using the Happiness Door is one of the best ways to measure employee happiness.

Learn more about how to use the Happiness Door

Another Effective Feedback Method: Improvement Dialogues

Building relationships and providing effective, constructive feedback to people you work with isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to working with teams. Finding the right approach to maximize each person’s performance takes skill, patience, curiosity and the ability to be open, however, when done right, it can foster invaluable positive change. Using improvement dialogues is an excellent way for employees to play the role of catalyst for others, helping them to do better work and enhance their performance.

See an example of how the Improve Dialogue works 

The Management 3.0 Module on Better Feedback

Sketchnotes Better Feedback

In our Foundation Workshops we always talk about great communication and what it takes to learn positive feedback methods. We think it’s so important that we even have a Management 3.0 Module, the Better Feedback Module, which focuses entirely on learning effective feedback techniques.

At Management 3.0 there is no shortage of ways to give constructive employee feedback, by using a variety of tangible feedback techniques in the workplace. Our games and practices are fun, innovative and focus on helping bring people closer together while fostering a sense of trust and engagement.

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