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Champfrogs Checklist & Moving Motivators

“Transformational businesses thrive in changing environments, and, in order to thrive, professionals must become business transformers. This requires understanding how to move their focus from facts to feelings and how to target people’s intrinsic motivation. The Champfrogs checklist helps you with this.”

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Now, you may be invoking images of amphibians with gold medals around their necks, but really it’s an acronym that gets to intrinsic motivation:elephant and rider color

  • Curiosity, thinking
  • Honor, loyalty, integrity
  • Acceptance, approval
  • Mastery, competence
  • Power, influence
  • Freedom, independence, autonomy
  • Relatedness, social contact, friends
  • Order, stability, certainty
  • Goal, idealism, purpose
  • Status, social standing

Champfrogs is one of the most popular points talked about in Management 3.0 and in leadership guru Jurgen Appelo’s, Managing for Happiness.

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This chapter breaks down each of these ten key points of intrinsic motivation in business and how each affects both your behavior and your teammates’ behavior.

You must realize that at this point, you can’t change your organizational culture.  But what you can change is your own behavior and the influence you have over others. “An adaptive organization only responds to changes while a transformational organization thrives on changes.”

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Get a Deck of Moving Motivators today!

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